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Hip-hop in 360 degrees – Die Fantastischen Vier

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  • German hip-hop band Die Fantastischen Vier are playing a Deutsche Telekom Street Gig as part of IFA
  • Deutsche Telekom is broadcasting the concert in 360 degrees over the best network via MagentaMusik 360
  • Smudo: “The Fantas in 360 degrees – it’s going to be great fun”
Die Fantastischen Vier are playing an exclusive Street Gig show at Kraftwerk Berlin as part of IFA 2018.

Die Fantastischen Vier are playing an exclusive Street Gig show at Kraftwerk Berlin as part of IFA 2018.

German hip-hop giants live at the Deutsche Telekom Street Gigs – Die Fantastischen Vier are playing an exclusive show at Kraftwerk Berlin on September 1 as part of IFA 2018. Deutsche Telekom is broadcasting the performance on a free 360-degree live stream in the MagentaMusik 360 app, on the app website, and on EntertainTV. MagentaMusik 360 partner Samsung has the ideal hardware for experiencing the show in 360 degrees in the form of its Galaxy S9 smartphone and Samsung Gear VR, which make the perfect combination with the MagentaMusik 360 app. Tickets for the concert can be won exclusively at

"Get a front row seat for the Fantas"

“The Fantas in 360 degrees – it’s going to be great fun and an amazing show,” says the band’s front man Smudo, describing the innovative broadcasting technology. “The live stream is turning the concert into a Germany-wide party for our fans. It’s a good test run for our big stadium tour that starts in December.”

“Die Fantastischen Vier are absolute legends. Their exclusive performance at IFA is a real highlight for us,” says Michael Schuld, head of Communication and Sales Marketing at Telekom Deutschland. “Our live stream is going to help all music fans – whether they’re at home or out and about – get a front row seat for the Fantas on the best network there is.”

A total of 29 years of music-making, five number-one albums, going platinum six times in Germany, countless awards, and sold-out concert venues – Die Fantastischen Vier have been one of the best-known and most successful bands in the industry for years. Following on from their anniversary album “Rekord”, Smudo, Thomas D, Michi Beck, and And.Ypsilon released their tenth studio album “Captain Fantastic” at the end of April. Starting in December, they are taking it on tour through Germany’s biggest venues. A work of art in concrete, Kraftwerk Berlin has long been home to world-famous techno club Tresor, and is one of Berlin’s true cultural highlights.

"Free live stream"

The MagentaMusik 360 package underlines Deutsche Telekom’s leading role at the cutting edge of VR and 360-degree entertainment. Popular music events are broadcast using state-of-the-art VR and 360-degree technology in a free live stream and are also available on demand afterwards. The live stream gives viewers the perspective of a director, enabling them to choose between viewing angles and move around in 360 degrees. Unusual perspectives, such as looking at the crowd from the stage or standing right next to the singer, drummer or guitarist bring fans right into the heart of the action and deliver a unique virtual concert experience, whether viewers are at home or out and about.

Visit Deutsche Telekom’s booth in hall 21a at the IFA trade show in Berlin from August 31 until September 5 to experience our products and services live. Deutsche Telekom’s entire presence at the trade fair is carbon-neutral – all CO2 emissions generated in setting up and operating the booth are fully offset by carbon-reduction projects abroad.

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