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IFA 2018 – Deutsche Telekom standing between opportunities and risks

  • 5G – Wössner demands fair and clear auction and investment conditions
  • 5G – identifying opportunities and seizing them
  • 5G – investment requires reliable framework conditions
  • “Hallo Magenta” – your home now obeys your every command
  • Wi-Fi from basement to attic
IFA 2018

IFA 2018

5G means identifying opportunities and seizing them: “If we want to stay in the major league of countries at the forefront of technological progress, we need to do the groundwork now.” This was the view put forward by Dirk Wössner, Member of the Deutsche Telekom AG Board of Management responsible for Germany, during the company’s press conference for the IFA trade show in Berlin.

Looking ahead to the forthcoming spectrum auction, Wössner called for auction and innovation conditions to be equitable. “5G can only become a driving force for innovation and reinvigorate the labor market if the peripheral conditions are fair,” he emphasized. The huge investment sums involved leave no doubt that the upcoming network expansion is an ambitious project. “We anticipate that the volume of investment for the sector will be considerable,” explained Wössner. “Figures of this magnitude are not to be taken lightly – nobody is going to be paying for it out of their petty cash,” he continued. “One thing should be clear – we can’t have a situation where only some are investing and bearing the risks while others only reap the rewards.”

Wössner went on to set out what he believes are the cornerstones for ensuring this key technology can be successfully introduced, rolled out and developed further.

  • No third-party provider obligation – Forcing network operators to hand over every new product and technology to third parties immediately stifles the development of new, innovative products and services and also hinders investment in network expansion.
  • No reservation of regional spectrum – Industrial companies will continue to rely on mobile sector services in order to also connect their solutions to public networks. However, network operators are still a quarter of the resources short of what they need to establish the fast 5G mobile networks. Ultimately, this means that there will be a quarter less capacity across the whole of Germany.
  • No mandatory national roaming – National roaming expropriates the network operators that are investing.
  • Reasonable expansion requirements – A range of different technologies and components are coordinated and controlled in a 5G system. Comprehensive broadband coverage will initially be achieved using existing and new LTE locations and technologies. 5G will be added where it is technically feasible. This means requirements must be formulated in a technology-neutral manner.

Summing up, Wössner highlighted that the new technology is starting in a functioning market with three network operators and around 40 mobile discounters. “In order to continue this success story, dependable and fair framework conditions need to be in place for spectrum auctions. Companies purchasing frequencies, thereby investing large sums in the networks and taking on considerable risks, do not wish to be subject to regulatory experiments,” said Wössner.

IFA visitors can experience 5G for themselves. First applications of 5G will be demonstrated live at the trade show’s outdoor zone, including speed tests for mobile surfing at gigabit rates and an impressive mixed-reality application.

“Hallo Magenta” – your home now obeys your every command

Deutsche Telekom is stepping into the future with its own intelligent voice assistant, and is unveiling its new Smart Speaker to the public at IFA. The first stage in the rollout will see 1,000 customers train the smart speaker. Customers can apply to become testers now, with successful applicants receiving the device free of charge. The Smart Speaker simplifies everyday life at home, making it incredibly easy to operate devices and utilize services. Magenta SmartHome, EntertainTV and music controls all respond to simple spoken commands. Users don’t have to reach for the remote when changing channels and can make or receive calls by saying “Accept call” or “Call mom”, for instance. Getting the bath to the perfect temperature and setting the ideal lighting mood in the living room are also straightforward tasks. A single command is all it takes and this smart loudspeaker can change the whole atmosphere in the house.

Deutsche Telekom exhibits mesh technology for a Wi-Fi range to surf to your heart’s content

Speed Home WiFi is Deutsche Telekom’s new mesh Wi-Fi solution. It has the benefit of creating a comprehensive Wi-Fi network with up to five other devices using the latest mesh technology. The devices improve Wi-Fi reception in the home by communicating with each other. The wireless connection in the mesh network even transmits ultra-HD movies perfectly. 

Speedport Smart 3 with mesh update now available

The Speedport Smart 3, Deutsche Telekom’s first router based on integrated mesh Wi-Fi, is available from today, August 31. It directly connects Speed Home WiFi units located in the home to create a comprehensive Wi-Fi network. Even data-intensive services such as EntertainTV in ultra-HD and 4K quality, phoning with HD Voice, and online gaming perform perfectly. 

EntertainTV becoming available to viewers without a Deutsche Telekom internet account

Deutsche Telekom is opening up EntertainTV to new target groups. From fall, the TV platform will also be available as an over-the-top (OTT) package, giving TV fans the opportunity to enjoy Deutsche Telekom content even if they are with another internet provider. Users will then be able to access the EntertainTV OTT package via iOS and Android apps, enjoying all the usual content, including exclusive EntertainTV series. Details regarding the offer will be released in October. 

Michael Hagspihl, Head of Consumers at Telekom Deutschland: “A flexible OTT service is perfect for the trends that are driving a whole new TV generation. We can now give even more people the opportunity to access our platform and our exclusive content.”

“Magenta connects” is the slogan Deutsche Telekom is using at IFA 2018, the leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, in Berlin (August 31 to September 5). Hall 21a and the adjoining outdoor zone is where the entire world of Magenta products is being brought to life for visitors. The main highlights are MagentaENTERTAINMENT, “the best network”, Magenta Connected Life, MagentaEINS and MagentaSERVICE. Interaction with customers and visitors is the company’s top priority at its 3,000 m2 showcase.

Visit Deutsche Telekom’s booth in hall 21a at the IFA trade show in Berlin from August 31 until September 5 to experience our products and services live. Deutsche Telekom’s entire presence at the trade fair is carbon-neutral – all CO2 emissions generated in setting up and operating the booth are fully offset by carbon-reduction projects abroad.

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