Deutsche Telekom presents Magenta drone defense shield

  • Deutsche Telekom goes drone hunting with lead partner Dedrone.
  • Protection against new dangers from the air.
  • Service for business customers and authorities.

The popularity of drones is on the rise worldwide. They are easy to steer, can cover large distances for long periods of time, and can take off from virtually anywhere. Drones are widely used in film production, surveying and logistics, as well as by amateur enthusiasts, but this new technology comes at the risk of being abused. Pilots can take advantage of the fact that drones are small, quiet and difficult to detect.

From December 1, Deutsche Telekom offers business customers protection against the growing threat posed by private drones. Businesses with critical infrastructures, data centers, stadiums, and authorities can now secure their premises from flyovers by remote controlled flying objects and thus defend themselves against espionage, smuggling, and vandalism.

"Over the last few months, we at Deutsche Telekom have extensively and rigorously tested drone detection and defense systems from major vendors all over the world for our Magenta drone defense shield and bundled together the best technologies, managed by lead partner Dedrone," explains Dirk Backofen, the future Head of Telekom Security.

DroneTracker, developed by Dedrone in Kassel, Germany, in a special version for Deutsche Telekom, detects drones using a range of sensors including video cameras, frequency scanners, and microphones. It is based on intelligent software that can reliably distinguish drones from birds, helicopters, and other flying objects. The modular system can be integrated into customers' existing security concepts and can utilize any number of sensors from different manufacturers.

In addition to the Dedrone technology, the Telekom solution portfolio also includes a frequency scanner from Rhode & Schwarz, microphone arrays from Squarehead, radar equipment from Robin Radar Systems, and jammer technology from HP Wüst.

Customers can collect evidence, use organizational measures to protect against dangers, and defend themselves against drones using electronic countermeasures (jamming). The use of jamming must be approved by the necessary authorities. 

This new drone detection and defense product from Deutsche Telekom provides protection for virtually all usage scenarios. Deutsche Telekom can take care of the project planning and design, installation and commissioning, as well as additional services including operation and maintenance in the form of managed services. A mobile add-on solution is also available to lease if required.

The first customer to install the in-house solution will be Deutsche Telekom itself: several Group premises will be equipped with components of the Magenta drone defense shield over the coming weeks.

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