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Digital Revolution for Small Companies: MagentaBusiness POS

  • Deutsche Telekom and enfore sign partnership
  • All-in-one digital solution for small companies with points of sale in the retail, hotel and restaurant, or service industry
  • MagentaBusiness POS will be available from Deutsche Telekom in Germany from September 22
Hagen Rickmann, Corporate Customer Manager at Telekom Deutschland GmbH (r.) und Marco Boerries, enfore founder and CEO

Hagen Rickmann, Corporate Customer Manager at Telekom Deutschland GmbH (r.) und Marco Boerries, enfore founder and CEO.

Offering small companies digital solutions that used to be reserved for large companies, making them competitive in the digital age: this is the central idea behind the partnership that Deutsche Telekom and enfore signed today at the IFA in Berlin. enfore has developed an integrated point of sale/service (POS) system consisting of: enforeDasher, a high-quality POS terminal including cash register system, the innovative card terminal enforePaypad and the business app enforePOS with industry-specific software modules that support local businesses in all steps of their work, from merchandise management and warehousing to billing and customer retention.

To enable users to enjoy the full potential of the solution, Deutsche Telekom is making its network available, ensuring service and support by POS specialists, and will be the first company in the world to sell the all-in-one solution under the name MagentaBusiness POS as part of the collaboration: from September 22, 2017, MagentaBusiness POS will be available in selected Deutsche Telekom shops, via hotline, Telekom sales and in the Deutsche Telekom online shop.

MagentaBusiness POS consists of enfore business hardware developed specially for local business which gives users access to the enfore platform with free software modules. Because small companies in particular may not be familiar with terms like CRM or ERP, the solution ties in with a point that every small company, whether in the field of retail, food services or other services, knows: the cash register. This is the gateway to the digital world. The highlight: to make things as easy for small companies as possible, MagentaBusiness POS provides industry-specific software modules for processes such as preparatory bookkeeping, HR planning or customer management directly via the POS terminal. Users therefore have direct access to all software modules in the cash register, bar or reception area.

Software for merchandise management, warehousing, reservations or similar from other providers generally costs a lot of money, in addition to what is already a costly cash register. MagentaBusiness POS not only includes high-quality hardware at an unrivaled low price, but also connectivity and support. And the best thing is: all enfore software modules are free.

Not only that: the enfore software also works on other end devices, from iPads to iPhones, from PCs to iMacs. The advantage: users can work independently from local end devices. They can easily access the familiar user interface and all data and can seamlessly continue working, from the office or while on the road.

The partnership with enfore is an important milestone for Deutsche Telekom within its partner strategy. "We are combining our horizontal strength – the best network, our service and our sales force – with the vertical strengths of our partners, who develop solutions tailored precisely to the needs of specific customer groups", said Hagen Rickmann, Corporate Customer Manager at Telekom Deutschland GmbH, at the IFA. "Our customers benefit from this."

The integrated POS solution from enfore is geared towards companies that did not have the time, money or digital know-how before now. "I don't want to live in a world where there are only major retail groups and service corporations left. So my mission is to open up the door to the digital age for the more than 200 million small companies around the world", said Marco Börries, enfore founder and CEO, at the IFA on Friday.

Marco Börries is an internationally successful digital entrepreneur who founded his first company at the age of just 16, which later became famous and successful with the solution StarOffice/OpenOffice. In 2009, he laid the foundations for his fourth company: enfore. After eight years of intensive development, the solution is now officially launching, with the help of Deutsche Telekom. This means that Germany is the first market where the new product is available.

Experience our products and services live during the IFA in Berlin from September 1 to 6 at the Deutsche Telekom stand in Hall 21 a. Deutsche Telekom's entire trade fair appearance is climate-neutral: all carbon emissions from setting up and operating the stand are being 100 percent offset by carbon-reduction projects abroad.

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