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New Magenta SmartHome products for an even smarter home

  • New partners and devices ensure greater security, convenience, and energy efficiency 
  • Voice control and new products provide added convenience
  • CarConnect connects vehicles to smart homes
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The standardized operation via a single app already makes it easy for Deutsche Telekom customers to stay in control. © DTAG

Connecting smart devices from different manufacturers is making everyday life in the SmartHome increasingly convenient. The number of devices and range of applications per household are growing, and Deutsche Telekom is also adding new partners and products to its Magenta SmartHome range. What’s more, standardized operation via a single app already makes it easy for Deutsche Telekom customers to stay in control. The Deutsche Telekom Smart Speaker now enables residents to control devices in their home or garden easily using voice commands. For example, all they have to do is speak to adjust the lighting or temperature to suit the mood. Ultimately, their voice is the only remote control they need for the entire house.

Cleaning, entertainment, climate control – new devices for even more convenience

Deutsche Telekom is adding new applications to its range – the Bosch robot vacuum cleaner, the Logitech HarmonyHub, and the Tado° air conditioning controller. The Roxxter robot vacuum cleaner from Bosch now helps with the housework. It runs based on scenarios and rules, meaning customers start and stop the device when certain conditions are met. For example, the robot vacuum cleaner can be set to start work automatically when the customer leaves the house, then stop again when the customer returns. Other smart options include using colored lighting in the living space to show when the Roxxter has finished with the cleaning and having the app send a notification when the dust collection bucket is full.

Devices that are already in the household can also be linked together. The Logitech HarmonyHub smart remote control connects thousands of entertainment devices. Integrating this into Magenta SmartHome makes all these devices smart, too – even if they aren’t smart themselves. This means users can integrate their stereo systems, television equipment, and other infrared or Bluetooth devices into their Magenta SmartHome. When residents are away, music or television programs can be played to make it seem as if someone is home.

The Tado° A/C Control, on the other hand, turns air conditioning systems with an infrared remote control and a display into smart devices. The controller provides all the important information, including the temperature, humidity, and fan speed.

New partners are also bringing a breath of fresh air to the classic applications. The smart lighting control system from Neuhaus offers atmospheric lighting for every room, and the Q series has over 200 designer lamps for users to choose from. There’s some good news for Ikea fans, too. Alongside the LED lights that are already available, the new Symfonisk speakers with Sonos sound technology are ready to move into a connected home.

Established Deutsche Telekom partners are also adding new devices. Bosch-Siemens Home Appliances (BSH) is completing the range of appliances included in Magenta SmartHome by extending compatibility to its Gaggenau and Neff brands. 

Smart indoor and outdoor cameras from Netatmo, which provide additional security, are other new additions. The indoor camera uses facial recognition to identify residents and report unknown people. The weather-proof outdoor version, on the other hand, differentiates between people, animals, and cars. There are also new products for controlling blinds. In addition to smart belt winders from Schellenberg, there is now a solution featuring wireless tubular motors. 

In the future, customers will even be able to control their smart home from their car using CarConnect. Retrofitting this service is very straightforward, and it makes life safer, more secure, and more convenient for drivers. The link to CarConnect will make it possible to control a smart home based on how far a car is from pre-defined locations. For example, energy-guzzling devices would automatically switch to standby mode as soon as the vehicle has left the house. Or Magenta SmartHome can switch the heating on when users set out for home after work, and the lights in the house can already be on when they turn into the drive. Another particularly practical feature is that the Magenta SmartHome app can inform users immediately if there is ever a problem with the car, such as damage or theft.

The open platform therefore provides an integrated smart home solution for all areas of life.

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