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Open Telekom Cloud beats them all

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  • Comparative test carried out by Cloud Spectator
  • New release with increased protection against hacker attacks
  • Live at the Open Infrastructure Summit in Denver
Winner's Cup

In a benchmark test Cloud Spectator wrote that the Open Telekom Cloud provided an “superior overall performance” compared to other public clouds in Europe. 

Praise for the Open Telekom Cloud from analysts: Cloud Spectator wrote that the Open Telekom Cloud provided an “superior overall performance” compared to other public clouds in Europe. In the benchmark test, Deutsche Telekom’s cloud offered the best value for money, computing power, and reading speed.

The current “Western Europe Cloud Service Provider Analysis” study tested the leading cloud providers. In addition to Deutsche Telekom, the offerings from AWS, Microsoft, and Google were analyzed. The study tested computing power, storage capacity in the block storage, and value for money. In the comparison with its competitors, the Open Telekom Cloud achieved the best results in four categories: “CPU & Memory Performance Multi Core”, “Storage Read Performance”, “CPU Performance per Euro”, and “Storage Read Performance per Euro.” In their summary of the results, the analysts wrote: “T Systems’ Open Telekom Cloud is a frontrunner compared to the latest offerings from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Compute Engine. It provides superior overall performance and excellent value for money.”

Detailed information on the test and the complete study can be downloaded here.

New release with Queens and hacker protection

The test winner is getting a new release in April. With immediate effect, the Open Telekom Cloud will operate with OpenStack Queens. The users will notice the change thanks to new functions and updated APIs.

Open Telekom Cloud is now even more secure for operators of web portals. The new Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects websites from targeted attacks. For example, the new WAF service can prevent attacks on SQL databases (SQL injections). This increases security when operating this common type of database in the public cloud. In addition, the WAF can provide faster help for zero-day attacks, as website providers can now apply patches independently of third-party providers. The WAF also thwarts attacks via proxy servers or through several hijacked systems.

Detailed information on the new release is available here.

Open Infrastructure Summit in Denver

As a member and supporter of the OpenStack Foundation, Deutsche Telekom will also be represented at the Open Infrastructure Summit in Denver, which is scheduled to take place from April 29 to May 1. Deutsche Telekom will present its hybrid cloud offering at this event. Hybrid clouds allow companies to not only obtain OpenStack-based cloud resources from the public cloud; in order to ensure more security, they can use hardware reserved solely for them.

More information on the summit taking place in Denver is available here.

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