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The Open Telekom Cloud opens up for professional secrecy holders

  • Agreement on the protection of secrets according to § 203 StGB 
  • Legitimate protection for cloud use by professional secrecy holders
  • Certificates confirm highest security requirements
The Open Telekom Cloud opens up for professional secrecy holders

The Open Telekom Cloud opens up for professional secrecy holders.

The Open Telekom Cloud can now be used by holders of professional secrets within the meaning of Section 203 of the German Criminal Code (§ 203 StGB) for the storage and processing of information requiring special protection. For this purpose, Deutsche Telekom provides professional groups such as lawyers, auditors or doctors with a standardized agreement for the protection of secrets in accordance with § 203 StGB. 

Facilitation for professional secrecy holders

Pursuant to § 203 StGB, data of clients or patients of holders of professional secrecy must be specially protected. Violations of the obligations under this section can be punished with a fine or imprisonment. The revision of § 203 StGB in 2017 made it easier for professional secrecy holders to use external IT services such as cloud services. An additional agreement now allows data to be hosted on the Open Telekom Cloud

Telekom commits to secrecy protection

"With the agreement on the protection of secrets, Telekom commits to the professional secrecy of visible data," says attorney Dr. Melanie Stein from Telekom's Law & Integrity department. "Access by Telekom as a cloud provider to the protected data is limited to what is necessary for the use of the services. The obligations apply equally to subcontractors involved in the provision of services." 

In addition, professional confidentiality holders can have the data encrypted and thus use the Open Telekom Cloud without hesitation. 

Independent tests confirm highest security standards

The Open Telekom Cloud meets the highest security requirements. This is confirmed by certificates such as ISO 27001 and TCDP 1.0, as well as the Trusted Cloud seal of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. This applies both to the physical security of the data centers and to strict compliance with data security in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU-DSGVO). Telekom's data centers are among the most modern and secure facilities in the world. With the Open Telekom Cloud, all data remains in Europe.

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