Quotes Jury & Coaches 2018

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Anette Bronder

Director Digital Division & Telekom Security, T-Systems.

„As the digital revolution continues its implacable march, we are using technologies in every area of our lives with increasing independence. At the “Telekom Fashion Fusion” event, young startups get the chance to showcase how digital technologies can be used to connect apparel, accessories and user devices together intelligently. As a technologist, I’m naturally fascinated by the prospect that technology can be integrated into such everyday items as clothing! This is where two worlds come together to produce added value in a life-enhancing way.

The winner project chose by us jury members –is more than just a visionary concept, it’s also eminently practical. It has the capacity to get to the market readiness stage – my sincere congratulations!“

Marc Aden Gray

"Two words capture my experience in Fashion Fusion 2018:  Stimulation and Challenge. The stimulation comes from encountering the creators' unique products and solutions; the challenge is their journey through the process as they have grappled with the realities of technology, industry and business and have been compelled to innovate and evolve. It's the stuff of drama and out of that challenge comes growth and something we haven't seen before."

Daniel Heltzel

Fab Lab Berlin.

"The latest edition of the Fashion Fusion Challenge shows yet again how the event has developed every year. The teams participating this year are more diverse than ever, ranging from talented university teams to highly experienced international startups. It is great that even more international teams entered this year. For example, I found Zsófi Lévais and her determination to develop her product really impressive – she probably spent more time in our lab during the Challenge than anywhere else ;-) It was also fantastic to see participants from the startup metropolis of Tel Aviv, with the very friendly and highly professional teams Infimé and KeyPod."

Antje Hundhausen

Senior Vice President Brand Experience Deutsche Telekom AG and Founder Fashion Fusion.

“I’m delighted to see how successful the program has grown to be over the last two years on the fashion & tech scene. Identifying digital lifestyle trends early, driving them with the help of the high-caliber experts and sectoral movers and shakers in the jury, as well as bring on the best prototypes as far as market readiness stage – that’s what sets apart the innovative spirit of Fashion Fusion. Technology is unquestionably set to continue to change the fashion and lifestyle industry. Our goal is to influence that process, to make sure that user-friendly solutions form part of such changes and that the process enriches the day-to-day life of people.”

Prof. Paul Lukowicz

Deutsches Forschungszentrum artificial intelligence (DFKI).

"It was fascinating to watch how participants' ideas developed through interaction with one another and with the Deutsche Telekom team, and to see how, over the course of months, dreams that in some cases started off very vague evolved into functioning systems."

Marcus Luft

Fashion Director Gala.

“As early as the second edition of the Fashion Fusion Award, it was easy to see that it had firmly established itself. Excellent projects, highly motivated teams and – the thing I like most of all – the unmistakable spirit of innovation!”

Claudia Nemat

Board member for Technology and Innovation, Deutsche Telekom AG.

"Artificial intelligence is a powerful technology that can enrich our lives in all sorts of areas, including the fashion industry. AI can bring about improvements in the purchase experience, in the supply chain, and in trend analyses. Not only that, but it can make fibers intelligent, so that they can use real-time analysis of biodata to contribute to preventive health care, for example. I am very pleased that, with the Telekom Fashion Fusion Challenge, we are again helping to promote visionary concepts in this exciting field."

Jasna Rokegem

“The digital revolution opens up a whole new world of possibilities. It forces us to rethink clothing, textiles, and the fashion industry as a whole. Can we reconcile the digital world with our lives, our bodies, our senses and even our brains through interactive clothing or smart textiles.

Fashion Fusion gives the opportunity to innovative pioneers all around Europe , to spread their vision on the future fashion and technology.  Together with experts and Deutsche Telekom they have the chance to develop innovative & conceptual insights on the cutting edge of fash & tech, bring these revolutionary ideas to life in disruptive design collections, new wearables or systems. 

Embrace the magic of technology and combine it with the beauty of design, that's the spirit.”

Winner Keypod with intelligent technology

Smart apparel: Keypod takes first place in Fashion Fusion 2018 competition

The winners have been announced. The third annual Telekom Fashion Fusion competition concluded at Berlin Fashion Week today.