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Relax with the Magenta Virtual Reality app

  • Reduce stress with meditation videos 
  • Exclusive 3D films available free of charge
  • Deutsche Telekom partner Magic Horizons develops relaxation experiences
Relax with the Magenta Virtual Reality app.

Relax with the Magenta Virtual Reality app.

Meditate with the Magenta Virtual Reality (VR) app: To coincide with World Health Day on April 7, Deutsche Telekom is launching a new relaxation program. Exclusive videos demonstrate how soothing just a few minutes in a virtual fantasy world can be. All the meditation videos are available immediately and free of charge via the Magenta VR app.

The high-definition films offer impressive 3D quality, creating an experience of reality that conventional apps cannot match. The VR videos are suitable for everyone and especially useful for people under strong mental stress. They can also be of therapeutic value to those undergoing long-term medical treatment. The 360° videos were developed in cooperation with Magic Horizons, a software company.

Deutsche Telekom’s range of relaxation offerings comprises five applications:

  • Echoes in White is a journey through fantasy worlds. It invites you to chill out and dream. Melodic electric guitars and ambient beats have a soothing effect on your mental health. Length: about six minutes.
  • Breathe & Relax: breathing and meditation exercises designed to engender a state of deep relaxation and slow your respiratory rate. The sounds of nature, spherical sounds and a soothing voice accompany the exercise, helping regenerate your body and mind. Length: about seven minutes.
  • Sunny Island takes us into the bright, untouched landscapes of Crete. Turquoise water and white sandy beaches invite you to slow down. Ethno music and the mystic sounds help you slip into a relaxed state. It’s true balm for your soul. Length: about five minutes.
  • Green Mountains – a relaxation experience amid the verdant landscapes of the Alpine foothills. This virtual journey is underscored by chilled beats and relaxed trumpet solos with an orchestral accompaniment. The green landscapes have a particularly calming effect. Length: about five minutes.
  • Dolphins' Dance – up close and personal with swimming dolphins. Scientists have confirmed the soothing effect that these marine mammals have on the human psyche, and that feeling can be transposed to virtual reality. Ethno vocals, mystic flute melodies, and tribal beats round off the experience. Length: about five minutes.

About the Magenta VR app
The Magenta Virtual Reality (VR) app for iOS, Android, Daydream, and Oculus bundles Deutsche Telekom’s sport, music, education and entertainment offerings. The app works with or without VR glasses. The app and accompanying videos are available not just to Deutsche Telekom customers: Customers of other telecommunications providers can also download and use the service for free as well. Some of the app content has been produced exclusively for Deutsche Telekom. Users can also access partner content by National Geographic and Twentieth Century Fox.

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