Deutsche Telekom Board member Niek Jan van Damme: "We are revolutionizing the German mobile communications market"

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  • StreamOn users can stream music on the move without having to worry that they are using up their mobile data volume
  • StreamOn can be booked free of charge from April 19 by customers using MagentaMobil rates
  • MagentaEINS customers benefit from the MagentaEINS StreamOn option for top-quality music and video streaming

Good news for Deutsche Telekom mobile customers! Using the new StreamOn options, MagentaMobil customers can now listen to music on their smartphone and watch video (clips, movies, series) while they are on the move without it affecting the high-speed data volumes included in their contract. This new offering applies to streaming services by participating partners and can be booked free from April 19, 2017 on. The offering is available free of charge for all customers currently on MagentaMobil M, L and L Plus rates, as well as for MagentaMobil L Premium and L Plus Premium customers.

"With StreamOn we are about to revolutionize the German mobile communications market. This new offering is another step along the road to giving our mobile customers unrestricted use of audio and video content while on the go via the best mobile network," comments Niek Jan van Damme, a member of the Board of Management of Deutsche Telekom AG and Managing Director of Telekom Deutschland GmbH. "We're adding even more services into our MagentaMobil contracts – and doing so without adding a cent in extra cost for the customer, who can now listen to their favorite songs to their heart's content, as well as being able to watch their favorite shows and sports events live."

The new StreamOn options can be booked free of charge by customers on the following MagentaMobil contracts:

  • With StreamOn Music, Deutsche Telekom customers on the MagentaMobil M contract can use the audio streaming services of participating partners while on the move without having to worry that they are using up their high-speed data volume.
  • StreamOn Music&Video offers customers on the MagentaMobil L contract or higher an audio and video streaming option free of charge. All video content is transmitted to their smartphone in mobile-optimized quality, which is similar to standard DVD quality.

The StreamOn offering is also available for the relevant MagentaMobil Friends rates for young target groups and for the various Family Card rates.

But Deutsche Telekom is offering yet another special benefit to MagentaEINS customers: With MagentaEINS 10.0 customers with a fixed-network and mobile connection from Deutsche Telekom get the full benefit of the MagentaEINS StreamOn Music&Video Max option. This provides audio and video streaming from StreamOn partners starting at the MagentaMobil M rate, giving maximum image quality, comparable to the HD standard, without putting any burden on the data volume included in their contract.

Michael Hagspihl: "Anyone can become a partner"

Service providers only need to enter into Deutsche Telekom's partner program in order to enable Deutsche Telekom customers to use their streaming services with mobile devices without using up contractual data volumes. "This offering is unique in Germany. Right from the word go we're offering a very extensive range of partners, covering the broad range of interests of our customers. And the content is set to grow yet further. There's no restriction: any provider of legal audio and video content can become a partner," says Michael Hagspihl, Head of Consumers at Telekom Deutschland GmbH, adding that "the StreamOn partnership is open to any interested party."

Deutsche Telekom is further extending its range of offerings for unlimited mobile Internet usage with its new StreamOn service. Since the IFA 2016 trade fair, Deutsche Telekom customers have enjoyed the benefits of unrestricted data volumes for 24 hours at the price of 4.95 euros with the DayFlat unlimited option. In addition to this, Deutsche Telekom has increased the data volumes included in its rates several times since then.

When customers have exhausted the volume included in their rates without the StreamOn option the streaming services of the partner providers are also delivered at the reduced transmission speed. By booking the SpeedOn option, customers get their full bandwidth back.

Right from the initial launch, StreamOn will include all the following partner offerings (for up-to-date details see also


  • Apple Music
  • JUKE! Music
  • Music Unlimited (Amazon)
  • napster


  • CHIP Online
  • EntertainTV
  • funk
  • Kicker
  • Medienportal SA
  • Netflix
  • Prime Video (Amazon)
  • sky go
  • SPIEGEL.TV / Online
  • Telekom Basketball
  • Telekom Eishockey
  • Welt Newws
  • YouTube
  • ZDF
  • 7TV (Pro7/Sat.1)

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