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T-Systems’ Tools for Transformation

  • "Future IT Transformation" modernizes IT systems
  • As of now for mainframes, data and programs  
  • Java, Cobol and PL1 become flexible microservices

With "Future IT Transformation", T-Systems is bringing hardware, software and data into the modern age. FITT consists of six modules.

With "Future IT Transformation", T-Systems is bringing hardware, software and data into the modern age. The new FITT offering consists of six modules. The Telekom subsidiary thus modernizes inflexible Cobol programs, rescues information from old databases or move existing systems to the cloud.

"Mainframes and Cobol were developed over 60 years ago, but even supposedly newer systems from 2000 are no longer fit for the future," explains Dr. Andreas Greis, Head of Digital Solutions at T-Systems. "Customers today need IT landscapes that make their businesses more flexible, faster and more efficient. That's why we have combined some of our standard solutions into FITT. With them, we modernize platforms, databases and programs – in small steps or in big ones, as the situation dictates."

These modules are available now:

  • zWebConnector shares data from mainframes across platforms with other infrastructure in the enterprise.
  • zFCI makes the mainframe as flexible as the modern cloud.
  • zFuture Rehosting migrates applications from the mainframe to a cloud environment - even directly to the public cloud.
  • Data Excavator transforms legacy data warehouses into data lakes.
  • Monolith 2 Microservices transforms rigid Java programs into many microservices - making the application package more flexible overall.
  • zFuture Mainframe App Modernization breaks down Cobol and PL1 programs into cloud-enabled microservices.

Accelerate Digital Now

T-Systems will present FITT for the first time at Accelerate Digital Now. The IT provider's largest digital customer event will take place on 16th and 17th February.

Registration at:

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