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Taxiklingel: call a taxi at the touch of a button

  • The easy solution to call taxi cabs automatically
  • New service for restaurants, hotels and hospitals
  • Saves time for guests, staff and taxi dispatchers
Taxiklingel: call a taxi at the touch of a button

Guests call a taxi in restaurants, cafes and pubs at the press of a button. Only a click and the taxi comes also to hotels, hospitals and retirement homes.

Deutsche Telekom and best.ways GmbH have come together to develop their Taxiklingel system, a new and simple way to call a cab digitally. It allows guests in restaurants, cafés and bars to call a cab at the press of a button. Receptions at hotels, hospitals and retirement homes are also using Taxiklingel. There’s no need to look up the number or a local taxi service. Having to wait about on hold or to explain your route to the dispatcher are history.

New service for restaurants, hotels and hospitals

Taxiklingel can be installed at any reception desk or bar counter. Just click on the button and the device calls you a taxi automatically. Your request is sent via Deutsche Telekom’s Cloud of Things. It is then directed to a nearby taxi using the best.ways in-house communication system. The taxi then sets off to the customer straight away.

The digital button saves time for both guests and staff in restaurants, hotels and hospitals. “Taxiklingel makes a substantial difference for our dispatchers,” says Ralph Brück, Chief Executive of best.ways GmbH. “The solution also helps us improve our service to the customer:” The staff at the best.way call center no longer have to process the digitally created taxi calls, allowing them to deal with calls from other customers with more speed.

Saves time for guests, staff and taxi dispatchers

best.ways is distributing 500 Taxiklingel devices to its customers. Deutsche Telekom provides the connectivity the system needs: each device contains its own SIM card, which is used to send the cab request via Deutsche Telekom’s machine and sensor network (NB-IoT), which forms part of its Cloud of Things. That makes the solution independent of proprietary networks such as company WLAN systems. Thanks to NB IoT technology, the button will deliver your request reliably even from down in the cellar. Deutsche Telekom’s cloud platform sends all data to the provider system. best.ways keeps a sharp eye on all devices via the Cloud of Things. The service digitalizes and simplifies order management.

Taxiklingel is a variant of our IoT service button. BMW, for example, has deployed the button to help run the internal logistics at its plant in Leipzig, speeding up and automating its ordering processes.

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