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Coveted security certificate for the MagentaZuhause app

  • AV-TEST awards MagentaZuhause app as "Approved Smart Home Product"
  • Telekom offer successfully protects against network attacks
  • App communication shows no weak points
Test seal from AV-TEST

AV-TEST awards Telekom smart home app as "Approved Smart Home Product". © Deutsche Telekom

Smart devices can now be found in almost every household. They switch on lights when motion is detected, remind us when we leave the house that the windows are open, or ensure the right temperature for our well-being. The smart home evaluates data from its sensors for this purpose. Data that needs to be well protected so that it does not fall into the wrong hands. 

That's why Telekom regularly has its MagentaZuhause app put through its paces by independent experts. Together with AV-TEST GmbH, the renowned Magdeburg-based institute for IT security, Telekom is constantly improving the app's security.

The comprehensive security check examines how secure communication is with connected devices. The latest certification by AV-TEST shows that the MagentaZuhause app is well protected against potential hacker attacks and that communication is secure. This means that third parties can neither read nor intercept the data during transmission. Manipulation of data and devices by third parties is also reliably prevented. 

This means that networked door locks, security cameras and alarm detectors are protected against attacks and do not become a gateway for burglars.

To further minimize risks in the networked home, secure network settings, strong passwords and regular updates are important. Telekom also provides support here with the MagentaZuhause app.

In addition, the app's privacy statements are among the best on the market in terms of their comprehensiveness and completeness. 

The MagentaZuhause app also bears the "Approved Smart Home Product" award in 2023.

About the MagentaZuhause app

Telekom's smart home offering enhances the quality of living and life in living spaces and houses. It increases security and helps save energy. The MagentaZuhause app can be used, for example, to control room temperature, lighting or garden watering. Cameras and sensors warn of uninvited guests on request. Whether at the touch of a finger or fully automated, the MagentaZuhause app helps control the smart home. So residents know at all times that everything is fine at home. Even when they're on the road. 

With the MagentaZuhause app, residents control the devices in the home together. Simply invite household members to the app and they can all use the app's functions. So everyone is connected and can even be automatically notified when a household member comes home.

The MagentaZuhause app networks smart WLAN devices without a separate control center. Only when smart devices with wireless standards such as DECT, Homematic IP or ZigBee are integrated does a control center (Home Base or Speedport Smart) come into play. This makes it particularly easy to get started with SmartHome.

The MagentaZuhause app helps keep an eye on the router's functions. It displays information about the Internet connection and the signal strength of connected devices. Another advantage is that the app can be used to create a guest WLAN that automatically switches off after 24 hours. The password for this is simply shared with guests via QR code using the app or MagentaTV.

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