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MagentaZuhause app and Magenta SmartHome receive AV-Test "Secure" certificate

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  • AV-TEST awards MagentaZuhause App as "Tested Smart Home Product 
  • Requirements again met by Magenta SmartHome as well
  • Deutsche Telekom offer successfully protects against network attacks
Test seal from AV-Test

AV-TEST awards Telekom smart home apps as "Tested Smart Home Products". © Deutsche Telekom AG

Protect your own four walls and keep them safe - this premise also applies to the networked home. Anyone who wants a smart home system that meets all security requirements is making the right choice with Deutsche Telekom. This is confirmed by the security check carried out by the independent IT experts from AV-TEST. After extensive testing, the MagentaZuhause app and the Magenta SmartHome smart home solution received the "Tested Smart Home Product" certificate. 

Security on the test bench

The test examined how securely the networked home can be used. The comprehensive test examines how secure communication is in the smart home with the apps and the connected devices. The results show that Magenta SmartHome and the MagentaZuhause app are well protected against potential hacker attacks. Manipulation by external parties is prevented. In addition, the products guarantee all-around secure communication. This means that third parties can neither read nor intercept the data during transmission. 

The tested devices and apps thus continue to meet all the requirements for certification by AV-TEST in 2022. Magenta SmartHome has received the certificate for the eighth time in a row. For the MagentaZuhause app, it was the first security test of this kind. 

Data privacy has high priority: Telekom protects its customers

The AV-TEST shows: With Telekom's offerings, smart home fans play it safe and are optimally protected all around. Encrypted connections are standard and protect against manipulation by third parties. 

According to the experts from AV-TEST, both the handling of customer data and the data privacy statement are exemplary. Telekom provides detailed and transparent information about data protection issues. It processes the data in Germany or other European countries. This means that the strict European data protection requirements apply. In addition, Telekom follows the principle of data economy. This means that only data relevant to operations is processed. 

About Smart Home

Telekom's smart home offering enhances the quality of living and life in living spaces and houses. It increases security and helps save energy. Smart Home can be used, for example, to control room temperature, lighting or garden watering. Cameras and sensors warn of uninvited guests on request. Whether by voice command, fingertip or fully automated - the MagentaZuhause app helps control the smart home and organize everyday life. This way, residents know at all times that everything is in order at home, even when they are away. The MagentaZuhause app not only helps control the smart home, it also offers the option of creating shopping and to-do lists. These can be easily shared with family members.

For more information, visit Details about the check from AV-Test.


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