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Call center from the cloud: Telekom and Aircall offer business customers highly flexible telephony solution

  • One app on the desktop replaces hardware and isolated applications
  • Easy integration with business applications 
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Telekom und Aircall offer call center from the cloud.

Deutsche Telekom and its partner Aircall now offer business customers a call center from the cloud. In addition to the flexibility of a cloud-based solution, Aircall allows easy integration with virtually all other business applications. This way, companies benefit from a comprehensive communication system where no important information is lost due to system or media discontinuities.

Whether a fully comprehensive call center or telephony for service and sales: “The Aircall app on desktop is all that is needed for teams. We embed in the solution our network expertise, and take care of it with our partner, to provide our customers with a highly efficient communication system," said Michael Müller-Berg, responsible for partner management at Telekom Deutschland. Aircall can be integrated into more than 100 common tools for companies, including CRM systems such as Salesforce or collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams. That way, information from customer calls reaches the relevant tools for sales or product management without delay.

"With such an unprecedented partnership with Deutsche Telekom, we will be connecting the widest range of businesses with Aircall's cloud business phone system and call center software. This will empower them to communicate more effectively," said Jonathan Anguelov, Co-founder and General Manager at Aircall.

Innovation and growth

Telekom's Aircall offering is initially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany. However, it is also available in other languages and can be scaled for larger companies or their specific departments. Telekom supports companies in the digital transformation of their existing systems and with the best network for telephony. In addition, Telekom's IT experts handle the integration of the Aircall solution into their customers' IT landscape. 

DTCP investment fund has already invested in Aircall, leading the Series C Round in 2020.

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 It's happening in the cloud.

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It's happening in the cloud.