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Telekom Electronic Beats to launch “Beatland” on Roblox

  • Telekom Electronic Beats’ metaverse experience with club, cinema, and record store launches on Roblox today
  • DJ Boris Brejcha to play sets in the club as avatar from April 22-24
  • Animation art provided by talents incl. Jack Sachs, Haein Kim, and Aleksandra Bokova
  • Deutsche Telekom first telco to join Roblox
Telekom Electronic Beats on Roblox

Telekom Electronic Beats on Roblox

Telekom Electronic Beats (TEB) is once again entering the metaverse and will launch the virtual club experience “Beatland” on the online platform Roblox today. Deutsche Telekom is the first telecommunications company to have created a metaverse experience on Roblox. To celebrate the launch, DJ and producer Boris Brejcha will play a number of sets at the virtual club from April 22-24. In addition to the club, users can also purchase digital items at the record store and watch short, animated films from selected artists at the cinema. 

Live events in the metaverse

“Clubbing nowadays ultimately merges real life and meta experiences”, says DJ Boris Brejcha. “We all strive for emerging technologies and innovations in nightlife culture, so to be able to perform as an avatar and interact with the community in the ‘Beatland’ metaverse by Telekom Electronic Beats is a super exciting moment for me.” Brejcha is recognised as one of the world’s most pioneering talents; having created the brand new dance music genre ‘high-tech minimal’, the DJ was recently invited by tech mogul Elon Musk to perform in Berlin. Brejcha, who launched his own dance music label Fckng Serious in 2015, has toured the world, performing at Tomorrowland for French DJ streaming pioneers Cercle and playing at Ushuaia and Hi in Ibiza. The DJ also regularly features in the DJ Mag Top 100.

The “Beatland” world has been developed by The Gang from Sweden, one of the world’s leading Roblox creator studios, in collaboration with Art Direction and Design Studio Yukiko from Berlin, and animation artist Jack Sachs. The team worked closely with FSM (German Association for Voluntary Self-Regulation of Digital Media Service Providers) to create a virtual world designed with safety as a key objective. As a result, the metaverse experience brings young people from across the globe together to experience music culture in a completely new way.

Interaction and gamification

Users can get actively involved in role-playing activities in “Beatland” including taking on various virtual nightlife-jobs in the “Beatland” world such as record store manager, promoter, or club bouncer in avatar form. Users can buy different outfits for their avatars and various digital items (“verch”) in the record store and in the Telekom Shop with earned Beat Coins, a virtual in-experience currency that is earned by completing activities within “Beatland”. The proceeds, raised through the sale of in-experience verch, are then used to expand, and enhance the overall “Beatland” world. Visitors to the cinema can watch short films from Haein Kim and Aleksandra Bokova, raising awareness of socially relevant topics.

“With TEB, we have been at the interface between culture and technology for more than 20 years now. And I’m very proud that we’ve managed to keep pace with the dynamism of creative industries while also retaining the initial character of the program. One of the most exciting innovations at the moment is definitely the metaverse and the rediscovered trend towards avatars and the virtual music experience,” explains Wolfgang Kampbartold, VP International Market Communications at Deutsche Telekom. “With a wonderful creative team, we have managed to create a unique virtual space that we also want to use for further club events in the future to complement our real-world programs. I’m very excited to see how the audience will fill our virtual club with life and I’m looking forward to this new experience.”

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