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The exciting path to the completion of Beethoven's 10th Symphony. Advance booking starts today

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  • Artificial intelligence completes Beethoven's 10th symphony.
  • The long-awaited premiere will take place on October 09 at 7:00 p.m. in the Telekom Forum in Bonn
  • Advance booking from September 8, 10 a.m., at all known advance booking offices
Uraufführung von Beethovens 10. Sinfonie

Beethoven's 10th Symphony, completed with the help of artificial intelligence, will celebrate its premiere on October 9. Advance booking starts now.

In one month, the unimaginable will come to life: Ludwig van Beethoven's 10th Symphony, completed with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), will celebrate its premiere at the Telekom Forum in Bonn on October 9.

Shortly before his death, Ludwig van Beethoven began composing his 10th Symphony, but it remained unfinished. Last year, Deutsche Telekom assembled an international team of experts led by Dr. Matthias Röder to develop an artificial intelligence that would complete Beethoven's work. The result will be premiered on October 9 at the Telekom Forum in Bonn by the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn under the direction of General Music Director Dirk Kaftan.

Before the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn presents the 10th Symphony, Matthias Röder and experts from the team will give an insight into the creation of the symphony, which was created through the interaction of human and artificial intelligence. Following the premiere, Beethoven's 8th Symphony will be heard in the second half of the concert. Tickets are available from September 8, 10 am, at all well-known Bonnticket advance booking offices, by telephone under 0228 / 50 20 10 and in the Internet starting from 15 €.

Of surprises, milestones and popping champagne corks

For everyone involved, it was a long, exciting and often unpredictable road to the symphony: in spring 2019, Telekom set up a team of international music and AI experts to finish composing the unfinished 10th Symphony to mark the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven's birth with the help of AI. By October, the team had already been put in check, as the initial results sounded too modern. Shortly thereafter, previously undiscovered details of Beethoven's 10th Symphony surfaced, and the project reached its first milestone in December 2019: the results now actually sounded like the great master. In March 2020, it became clear that the planned premiere in the Beethoven Year would have to be postponed due to Corona. So the experts used the time they had gained for a fundamental expansion of the AI. In June, 1,200 new analyses were made from training data and the AI was completely retrained. The composition was ready, and in October experts orchestrated the music for the orchestra. In summer 2021, the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn, conducted by Dirk Kaftan, recorded the symphony for release. On October 9, 2021, the long wait is finally over and the champagne corks can pop: The completed 10th Symphony will celebrate its world premiere in Bonn. Another performance will take place on October 27 in the Elbphilharmonie - the most important classical music forum in the world.

The completed 10th Symphony in facts and figures

Under the direction of Dr. Matthias Röder a total of 10 experts from the fields of AI and musicology developed the "Beethoven AI". In order to tackle a mammoth project like this, more than 10,000 emails were exchanged, more than 250 hours were spent on the phone, and endless amounts of coffee were consumed. The AI was trained with about 10,000 pieces of music, composed with about 2 million notes and played by 57 musicians on 18 different instruments.

Experience the world premiere live

The world premiere will be broadcast live via the #dabeiTV channel on MagentaTV and free of charge on MagentaMusik 360.

BMG will release the album "Beethoven X - The AI Project" worldwide on October 8 as CD and stream/download (also in Dolby Atmos) on all digital platforms.

A first impression of the final composition is provided by a short audio sample, which can be accessed here.

Ticket prices
Advance booking: September 8, 2021, 10 am
Ticket: € 25 | 15
Tickets are available by phone at +49 (0) 228 50 20 10 (hotline hours:
Mon-Fri: 08:00 to 20:00 | Sat: 09:00 to 18:00 | Sun and holidays: 10:00 to 16:00), online ( as well as at all known Bonnticket advance booking offices available.

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