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The MagentaEINS Plus revolution: First fully integrated product – fixed-line and mobile network in a single contract

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  • Maximum flexibility: No minimum contract term and flexible upgrade options
  • #TAKEPART without limits: Unlimited data in Germany for home and on the move – worldwide with no hidden costs
  • Taking community to the next level: Product covers entire personal sphere from family, partner, to friends
The MagentaEINS Plus revolution

Maximum flexibility: No minimum contract term. Unlimited data in Germany for home and on the move.

Deutsche Telekom is once again setting new standards. With its new MagentaEINS Plus product, Europe’s largest telecommunications company is the first provider in the German market to roll out a product for home and on the move in a single contract. And all with unlimited data in Germany plus no minimum contract term.

“In 2014, we set out on a journey with MagentaEINS and now have more than 4.8 million satisfied and extremely loyal customers onboard. MagentaEINS Plus takes that journey forward in a whole new dimension,” explains Michael Hagspihl, Head of Consumers at Telekom Deutschland.“The first fully integrated product in Germany, with fixed-line and mobile networks in a single contract, offers an even better customer experience with flexible contract terms, unlimited surfing, and many benefits for the community. ”

Benefits offer more freedom, community, flexibility, and simplicity

Deutsche Telekom’s MagentaEINS Plus offers a contract that covers all services at home and on the move. The integrated product gives customers unlimited data in Germany for the domestic internet connection and mobile surfing including 5G. MagentaEINS Plus customers receive at home and on the move either an internet flat rate with speeds up to 100 or up to 250 Mbit/s – making limited data a thing of the past. EU roaming including Switzerland also comes bundled as well as one gigabyte outside the EU. Users no longer need to worry about going online and using messenger services, dealing with emails, or surfing the web. 

Deutsche Telekom has redefined the notion of community with MagentaEINS Plus, allowing anyone choosing this rate plan to invite additional community members. Whether it’s traditional or modern families, friends, or a shared apartment, young or old. Everyone can #takepart. The Community Card from MagentaEINS Plus includes a mobile flat rate for calls and text messages to all German networks. In addition, users can pass on other free benefits to the community: The community member also receives unlimited data in Germany in Deutsche Telekom’s mobile communications network as well as 1 GB of data for use outside the EU. 

And MagentaEINS Plus takes another revolutionary step forward by becoming the first Telekom product not covered by a minimum contract term. Customers enjoy maximum flexibility by being able to simply activate and deactivate additional services and products. This includes Community and Data Cards or Connect Cards for IoT applications, such as the dog tracker. Fixed-network devices like WLAN routers can be acquired flexibly or even leased in future. Apart from purchasing a smartphone outright, customers can in future also buy a new smartphone in installments with 0% finance over a flexible term of 6 to 36 months.

All in all, the MagentaEINS Plus customer experience couldn’t be simpler. The online customer center is on hand to answer all requests and inquiries from MagentaEINS Plus customers. Customers can get in touch via the MeinMagenta app or by logging into The service allows users to assign community benefits simply, add and cancel products and services, and manage community members.

Customers can book MagentaEINS Plus online

Selected existing and new customers can now book the new rate plan online only. Customer feedback helps constantly fine-tune the product with a view to making it available to a wider customer base in future. Additional sales channels such as Telekom shops and retail will follow in stages at a later date.

Facts and figures: rate plans and products at a glance

MagentaEINS Plus with unlimited high-speed data in Germany at home and on the move including 5G, call and text message flat rate to all German networks as well as EU roaming including Switzerland and 1 GB to surf outside the EU is available in two rate plans:

MagentaEINS Plus S with up to 100 Mbit/s download capability and up to 40 Mbit/s upload capability for 80 euros per month, with no minimum contract term. 

MagentaEINS Plus M offers up to 250 Mbit/s download capability and up to 40 Mbit/s upload capability for 90 euros per month, with no minimum contract term. 

Where required, landline calls and the security package can be activated free of charge for both rate plans.

The community benefit can be activated free of charge for up to four Community Cards and four Data Cards. The maximum community speed matches the respective MagentaEINS Plus rate plan. In addition to unlimited high-speed data in Germany, 1 GB of data with basic connectivity outside the EU is also included.

The Community Card includes a call flat rate for home and on the move for 25 euros per month, with 5 GB high-speed data including 5G as well as EU roaming including Switzerland. 

The Data Card costs 10 euros per month and includes 5 GB mobile high-speed data including 5G for use on a tablet or laptop. 

The Connect Card for IoT applications such as smart watches costs 5 euros per month.

The Teens benefit can be activated free of charge for users under 18. The Community Card with Teens benefit costs just 10 euros per month instead of 25 euros per month. The Teens benefit can also be combined with the Community benefit where required. 

Further information is available at: (german)

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