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Founders Factory and hubraum, Deutsche Telekom's tech incubator, launch new Berlin based Venture Studio

  • A joint venture aims to found, build and launch next generation tech startups 
  • It will focus on entrepreneurs with technology-driven solutions in areas such as  Future of commerce and advertising, Enterprise IoT, Data Privacy, Digitized Telco
  • This marks Founders Factory's entry into the German tech ecosystem 
Axel Menneking, Henry Lane Fox, Florian Steger, Nick Le Fevre.

Happy about the signed agreement: Axel Menneking (hubraum), Henry Lane Fox (Founders Factory), Florian Steger (hubraum) und Nick Le Fevre (Founders Factory (fltr). © hubraum

Founders Factory, a global company builder and early-stage investor from London, and hubraum, the tech incubator of Deutsche Telekom, are launching a new venture studio based in Berlin. Through the joint venture, both aim to build, finance and launch innovative digital companies. This constitutes an entirely different approach for hubraum, whose investment fund normally invests in existing startups. In contrast to this, together, hubraum and Founders Factory will partner with entrepreneurs to develop new concepts, before hubraum funds the startup. In addition to financial support, European founders will benefit from Founders Factory's network and operational support as well as access to Deutsche Telekom's network technology, experts and customers.

"We have been investing in startups via our hubraum investment fund since 2015. Founders Factory with its 'venture' approach to building companies adds an exciting new capability to how we work with entrepreneurs. Through the joint venture, we want to jointly innovate beyond Telekom's core business and collaborate with and invest in founders around the globe.  Our ambition here is to digitalize the telco area," Axel Menneking, Head of hubraum, says, explaining the strategy of the joint venture. 

The venture studio’s headquarters will be in Berlin. Here, hubraum and Founders Factory will work together to build a portfolio of new innovative pan-European tech startups over the coming years. The fund is particularly interested in working with startups that are developing types of technology that can support or change the future of telecommunications. The new companies are expected to focus on technology-driven solutions in areas such as the future of commerce and advertising, Enterprise IoT, Data Privacy and Digitized Telco. 


Henry Lane Fox, CEO of Founders Factory, said, "Berlin is a primary choice for founders and startups thanks to its infrastructure, talent and vibrant community. In this post-Covid world, the city continues to grow and excel in areas like fintech, edtech, mobility and more. Our new Berlin venture studio combines Founders Factory’s operational prowess with DT’s world-leading infrastructure and services to support exceptional entrepreneurial talent in building Europe’s next generation of digital businesses.” 

Interested entrepreneurs can apply now here.

Founders Factory's first engagement in Germany 

The collaboration with hubraum marks Founders Factory’s expansion into Germany and Berlin’s maturing tech ecosystem, which attracted €10.5 billion investment and 60% of Germany’s total startup funding in 2021. The introduction of the Berlin studio builds on Founders Factory’s venture building success worldwide, which to date has created over 80 startups from scratch, including robotics and kitchen automation startup Karakuri and AI shopping app Nate. 

hubraum is eager to support the creation of startups which aren’t just compelling for Deutsche Telekom, but for the rest of the ecosystem, too. As such, the incubator was excited to work with outside voices, to avoid any danger of tunnel vision and so that the two companies could complement each other’s skillsets. 

The collaboration was announced on the occasion of hubraum's tenth anniversary. Over the past decade, hubraum has run 22 programs, hired an international team across three locations (Berlin, Krakow, Tel Aviv), made 34 investments, supported 16 exits, all while reviewing 10,000 leads. Thanks to this, they boast a portfolio of startups from 13 different countries, including places like Australia, Israel, South Korea and the USA. 

About Deutsche Telekom: Deutsche Telekom at a glance

About hubraum: hubraum is Deutsche Telekom’s tech incubator and they believe in a tangible tomorrow: quite literally, taking tech innovation from theory to practice. By bringing together its partners’ technology with the leading European telecommunications, hubraum produces innovation transfer and creates business opportunities for both sides. hubraum has been collaborating with the digital ecosystem out of its campuses in Berlin, Krakow and Tel Aviv since 2012. hubraum is committed to innovation and collaboration, and as such, offers startups access to the most cutting-edge technology available. They are proud to boast a portfolio of firsts — in 2017, our Berlin campus was the first location in Europe to offer a live 5G connection in a real world setting. Similarly, hubraum’s Krakow campus was one of the first locations in Poland where NB-IoT connectivity, LTE-M, Low Latency Cloud and 5G was made available to the public. Over the last decade, hubraum has supported some of Europe’s most cutting-edge startups on their way to success. They have collaborated with the likes of Blinkist, Tier Mobility, ProGlove, ABARO, Flexperto, Teraki, forwARdgame, MOWEA and more.   

About Founders Factory: Founders Factory builds and funds startups together with exceptional entrepreneurs and the world's leading companies. Headquartered in London, Founders Factory offers founders capital, operational support from a team of 100 hands-on experts, and unrivalled access to industry leaders like L'Oreal, Aviva, Guardian Media Group, Netcare, Standard Bank, Johnson & Johnson D.C. and Reckitt. Founders Factory's Venture Studio co-founds businesses from inception, developing new ideas, technologies and business models into high growth companies. Operating sector-focused Accelerator programmes and Venture Funds for Pre-Seed and Seed stage startups, Founders Factory invests in talented and diverse founding teams across industries and geographies - with a current focus on FinTech, Health, Climate, Media & Telecoms, Consumer and Web3. Since 2015, Founders Factory's 300 portfolio companies - 80 built in the Studio -  have raised $720mm follow-on funding from notable investors, including NfX, Coatue, Forerunner, Tencent, Mubadala and firstminute Capital.



Deutsche Telekom is continuously looking for new technology and product partners in order to differentiate and optimize its portfolio.