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  • September 9 - World Electric Car Day
  • 200 locations - Telekom expands charging infrastructure
  • One in four Telekom company cars already is an e car
Fast charging station

Charging electricity for 100 kilometers in ten minutes - Telekom expands fast-charging network. © Comfortcharge

Climate-friendly – Telekom has put its 200th public location with fast charging stations for e-cars into operation. The site in Lemgo, Franz-Liszt-Strasse 2-4, has six charging points at two DC (direct current) charging stations. With a charging capacity of up to 200 kW DC (direct current) charging stations are among the fastest in urban areas. Depending on the vehicle, customers can charge enough electricity for a range of around 100 kilometers in just ten minutes. Telekom uses the existing infrastructure of its properties to expand the e-charging infrastructure. If power and data lines are already in place, there often is no need for additional construction work. This means that the expansion of charging stations can be carried out efficiently and sustainably. The publicly accessible charging stations are supplied exclusively with certified green power. 

Deutsche Telekom has been investing in environmentally friendly mobility solutions for years. Since the beginning of this year, only fully electric vehicles have been permitted for new orders of company cars. This has already increased the proportion of e-cars in Telekom's company cars in Germany to 25 percent. At the end of 2021, the CO2 emissions of company vehicles were around 21,400 tons. Consistent electrification will reduce CO2 emissions by 76 percent to around 5 kt CO2 by the end of 2026. 

In addition to the publicly accessible charging network, Telekom is building "Charge@Work," a charging network exclusively for employees. Employees can already charge their e-cars at Telekom locations from Munich to Kiel and Cologne to Leipzig. Regardless of whether it's a company vehicle or a private car. Comfortcharge GmbH - a Telekom subsidiary - is responsible for setting up the charging network.

An overview of the publicly accessible fast charging stations at Telekom locations can be found here.

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