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World premiere – The completion of Beethoven’s 10th Symphony live in Bonn and in free livestream

  • World premiere of Beethoven’s completed 10th symphony on October 9
  • Live from the Telekom Forum in Bonn and free livestream at 7 p.m. on the “#dabeiTV” Magenta TV channel and on MagentaMusik360.
  • Interesting panel discussion with experts 
Uraufführung von Beethovens 10. Sinfonie

Beethoven's 10th Symphony, completed with the help of artificial intelligence, will celebrate its premiere on October 9. Advance booking starts now.

On October 9, 199 years after Ludwig van Beethoven’s first sketches, the world premiere of the 10th Symphony – that has been completed with the aid of artificial intelligence (AI) and a team of international experts – will take place in the Telekom Forum in Bonn. The event will be shown via livestream on the channel #dabeiTV on MagentaTV and on MagentaMusik 360 from 7 p.m. Following the premiere, the performance will be made available to view on demand on MagentaMusik 360 and MagentaTV.

Under the direction of General Music Director Dirk Kaftan, the Beethoven Orchestra will perform not only the world premiere, but also Beethoven's 8th Symphony

Music journalist Axel Brüggemann will accompany the audience throughout the evening. 
Musicologist Dr. Matthias Röder, composer Walter Werzowa, AI expert Ahmed Elgammal, General Music Director of the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn Dirk Kaftan, organist Cameron Carpenter and founder and author Aya Jaff will take part in the talk. They will provide background information on the project, give insight into the interaction between human and machine, and speak about whether machines are creative and if their work can be considered art. 

When speaking about the world premiere, Dr. Matthias Röder explained: “I am very honored to be part of this special project and, to dive into the world of Beethoven's thoughts with the audience. The combination of human and machine creativity is sure to be a unique and unforgettable experience for all guests.”

One of the evening’s highlights will be the performance of star organist Cameron Carpenter who will provide the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn with musical accompaniment during the 4th movement of the 10th Symphony.

BMG releases the album „Beethoven X – The AI Project” worldwide on October 8. October as CD and Stream/Download (also in Dolby Atmos) on all digital platforms. 

The history of the 10th Symphony

Shortly before his death, Beethoven began working on a 10th Symphony, a work which was to remain unfinished. Under the direction of Dr. Matthias Röder, a group of AI experts and musicologists developed the “Beethoven AI”, which “understands” Beethoven’s style. The experts providing scientific guidance and supervision included Prof. Dr. Christine Siegert, head of the Beethoven-Haus research department.

The AI was not only “fed” with Beethoven’s compositions and his notes on the 10th Symphony; it was also provided with works from composers and musicians that demonstrably inspired and influenced Beethoven during his life such as Johann Sebastian Bach. Together with the experts, the algorithm continued Beethoven’s final, incomplete work. The composer Walter Werzowa and the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn turned this notation into a living composition under the direction of Dirk Kaftan.

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