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More partners, more devices, more security –  Deutsche Telekom spices up Magenta SmartHome

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  • Immediate emergency assistance in partnership with ERGO insurance
  • Volkswagen vehicles can access and control smart homes 
  • New partners expand the portfolio of compatible devices

Magenta SmartHome offers more than 200 devices that make homes more secure and life more convenient, while at the same time saving energy. “This makes Magenta SmartHome one of the most comprehensive solutions on the German market for connecting your home,” says Henri Vandré, Vice President Smarthome at Telekom Deutschland GmbH. Deutsche Telekom has once again expanded its offerings in the run-up to the 2017 IFA. Emergency assistance cover provides customers with greater security, while direct control from their Volkswagens makes life even easier. A whole host of new smart devices from different manufacturers will also expand the portfolio. What’s more, these product innovations are twinned with a special new customer offering.

Extra security with ERGO insurance on board

Magenta SmartHome quickly identifies any hazards arising within the home and transmits a warning via smartphone. But what happens if the resident can’t be reached? ERGO’s emergency service provides Deutsche Telekom’s customers with the assistance they need – simply by linking the customer’s Magenta SmartHome system with ERGO’s emergency service. “We increase the security for the customers. If they are away from home at the time, we instigate the necessary emergency procedures. It’s very simple for customers to use, as ERGO’s emergency service is integrated into the Magenta SmartHome app,” explains Dr. Markus Hofmann, Chairman of the Board of Management of ERGO Versicherung AG. If a customer receives a warning via smartphone from the smoke, water or break-in detector at home, he or she can call ERGO’s emergency service straight from the app to arrange the necessary action. If the customer doesn’t respond to the alarm, ERGO’s emergency service is automatically notified and instigates the appropriate emergency measures itself. For example, if a water sensor sounds the alarm, the necessary steps are taken to seal the broken pipe and pump out the water. Protection is offered around the clock, 365 days a year – and ERGO will cover up to 3,000 euros of damage in each case, which includes false alarms. ERGO Smart Home cover will be available in all Deutsche Telekom shops from end of September, 2017, and costs 24 euros per year. Customers can also add this insurance protection to ERGO household or building insurance.

Convenient access to your home at the wheel 

Volkswagen drivers will find Magenta SmartHome even more convenient now they can control their SmartHome hub via their vehicle’s infotainment system. Pictures from their home camera and alerts are transmitted to the screen in the car’s cockpit while they drive (in accordance with road safety regulations), and lighting or heating can also be remotely adjusted. As the car approaches home, the “coming home” function changes the homeowner’s status from “absent” to “at home,” which automatically deactivates the alarm. This is done by linking the Qivicon-based Magenta SmartHome app with your Volkswagen car. All you need is an Android smartphone with MirrorLink technology and Volkswagen’s Car-Net App-Connect.

More partners means even more devices

Deutsche Telekom is yet again expanding the range of functions offered by Magenta SmartHome and adding a whole host of desirable devices from well-known manufacturers on the Qivicon platform. These include smart cameras Circle 1 and Circle 2 from Logitech and a keypad from Centralite. These new devices will be controllable using the latest version of the Magenta SmartHome app from mid-September. Household appliances from Bosch and Siemens as well as roller-shutter control from Schellenberg and intelligent intercoms from Doorbird will shortly also join the range of supported devices. The same applies to the smart smoke and CO detector Nest Protect, whose status notifications can then also be displayed via Magenta SmartHome and thus can be perfectly integrated into the networked home. Deutsche Telekom’s well-known, strong partnership with eQ-3 offers its customers a wide range of solutions to expand their smart home system using the Homematic IP standard. From end of 2017, Deutsche Telekom’s Speedport Smart router will support Homematic IP-standard devices via a USB stick.

Simpler and more affordable intro to smart homes 

Deutsche Telekom integrated the functions for using Magenta SmartHome into the Speedport Smart router in May. Now, these routers go beyond managing phone calls, internet and TV to also controlling smart home devices. This new offering from Deutsche Telekom not only makes it even easier for new customers to enter the world of smart homes, but also makes the move more affordable. Customers who take advantage of the special offer and sign up for Magenta SmartHome between September 15 and October 31 will not have to pay the monthly base rate of 4.95 euros for the service during the first 12 months. When used together with Speedport Smart, fixed-line customers with Deutsche Telekom’s Magenta SmartHome can access the whole range of services at no extra cost.

Visit Deutsche Telekom’s booth in Hall 21 a at the IFA trade show in Berlin from 1-6 September to experience our products and services live. Deutsche Telekom’s entire presence at the trade fair is carbon-neutral − all CO2 emissions generated in setting up and operating the booth are fully offset by carbon-reduction projects abroad

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