Better reading and sleeping with the new tolino vision 4 HD

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Digital reading innovation: The new “smartLight” technology delivers the right reading light for any time of day

Just in time for the Christmas season, the tolino alliance is introducing its new e-reader, the tolino vision 4 HD on November 8th. With three new major features, the alliance has demonstrated once again how innovations that benefit the customer are being applied in the development of the e-reader: a lighting system in which the color temperature adjusts itself to the time of day, roughly three times the previous storage capacity and a reversal cable. The devices are on sale now at the bookstores operated by Thalia, Weltbild, Hugendubel, Mayersche Buchhandlung and Osiander, as well as the 1,500 partner bookshops run by Libri, and in online shops. tolino partners in Italy and the Netherlands are introducing the device just in time for Christmas as well.

New: Optimal reading light for any time of day

e-readers with integrated lighting systems have taken over the market. The tolino vision 4 HD developed by Deutsche Telekom now offers even more comfort with a new feature: Its new “smartLight” creates the very best reading environment at any time of day. The vision 4 HD has adaptive shades of white that automatically adjust themselves to the time of day, enabling an optimal light color to be set for any time. Researchers have determined that colder light prevents users from falling asleep. For this reason, the color temperature changes from colder light in the morning to warm white light until dusk, in keeping with our natural biorhythm. With its spectrum of white shades, tolino takes its cue from natural sunlight. One special innovation included in the tolino vision 4 HD is special warm-white and cold-white light-emitting diodes. They produce a pleasant, natural light that adjusts itself to every reading situation and the reader's own personal preference. 

More storage capacity and simplicity-creating accessories

SmartLight Grafik

SmartLight Grafik

Book lovers will find considerably more storage capacity in the vision 4 HD. The installed storage unit has been expanded from 4 GB to 8 GB. The available space for eBooks has been raised from about 2 GB to around 6 GB, enough room for up to 6,000 eBooks.

To make things simple, the tolino alliance is using a newly developed USB cable. The included “easy2connect” USB cable can be plugged in on both sides on either end. That means that readers no longer have to think about which side of the cable has to be plugged in. It always works on the very first try.

The tolino vision 4 HD also comes with all of the premium features that customers who use the tolino vision 3 HD have come to love so much: the 6" E Ink Carta with a resolution of 300 ppi that produces super sharp text, nano-seal waterproofing and tap2flip for easy page turning by tapping on the back of the device. Naturally, the new reader uses an open system that enables readers to buy books from a range of bookstores and can read and store all establish eBook formats. 

New software update further improves reading comfort

Just in time for the sales launch of the new device, the tolino alliance is providing a software update that will provide even more reading comfort. eBooks lent via the web-based "Onleihe" will now be marked with a “checked-out” banderole and can be returned ahead of the due date. The menu has also been more clearly structured. The update will be available for all other existing tolino devices within the next few weeks. 

About tolino:
tolino – eReading made in Germany. The tolino brand is backed by an alliance of the leading German booksellers Thalia, Weltbild, Hugendubel, Mayersche Buchhandlung and Osiander as well as Libri with about 1,500 linked and independent bookstores across Germany, and Deutsche Telekom as the technology and innovation partner. Since its launch in March 2013, the tolino alliance has become a leading brand for digital reading in the German-speaking countries. Internationally, in addition to Austria and Switzerland, tolino is also available in Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands. All tolino devices include an open ecosystem with integrated tolino cloud, which does not restrict customers to one particular bookseller when purchasing eBooks. In addition to one of the largest range of German-language eBooks, the tolino partners also offer their customers extensive assistance and services – both online and on site in their stores. In addition to the devices, tolino has also been offering its own attractive self-publishing service since spring 2015.

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