More service for our customers 

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  • Seen at DT first: The personal callback service
  • Faster surfing at home: All thanks to Wi-Fi optimization
  • Home network: Installation and advice for a flat rate
  • Pocket service: The MagentaSERVICE app

At IFA in Berlin today, Deutsche Telekom presented several new initiatives to improve its service – including a callback service, a home Wi-Fi optimization service and home network installation packages. “We want to give our customers the best service. Our offers and solutions are yet another step in that direction,” says Dr. Ferri Abolhassan, Director of Service Transformation at Telekom Deutschland.

DT pioneers a callback service 

Customers don’t want to wait around on the hotline – they want their issues solved quickly and professionally. If the announced waiting time on the hotline is too long, they can request a callback on the phone number of their choice using voice input. They will then get the callback within the previously stated amount of time. “Our goal is to continually improve service for our customers. About 40 percent of all callers made use of this offer in this past July alone,” says Abolhassan. 

Customers also want to speak to the same contact person and not have to explain their problem all over again every time. DT makes this possible, too, with the personal callback service on both the fixed and the mobile networks. When calling in from a mobile phone, customers receive the personal callback offer by text message. Customers who contact the hotline using a landline are alerted to the service by the advisor who takes their call. The service is available within 48 hours of the first contact with the initial advisor. “In our industry, this service is the first of its kind on the German market, and we’re setting a benchmark with it. We have already registered this innovative solution for patenting,” Abolhassan said.  

Optimal Wi-Fi within one’s own four walls

Wi-Fi should work everywhere inside the customer’s home – but it doesn’t always. There can be different reasons for this: In old buildings, it’s usually due to the thickness of the walls, while in new buildings it’s the floor heating that weakens the signal. Customers don’t have to hunt down the best Wi-Fi reception with apps – DT now does it for them. A service technician measures the signal in every room precisely. The technician then uses the results to show customers where the error sources are and give them practical tips, ranging from the optimal place for the Wi-Fi router, through the reconfiguration of the router’s antennas and all the way to the installation of additional repeaters. Berlin-based IFA visitors can try the measuring service for free between September 1 and September 9 (limited availability).

Home network: Installation and advice for a flat rate 

The children want to play on the computer while their father works from home, and the mother streams her favorite TV series. An ever-increasing number of application possibilities are turning home into a digital network control center. Deutsche Telekom offers installation and advice packages for a flat rate to ensure that customers’ home network meets all of their requirements. A service technician advises them onsite about home networking, DT’s connectivity products and the devices that go with them, including travel and the advice record for 99.95 euros. The service also supports customers with the installation of high-quality cabling that provides a reliable connection between all devices at maximum speed. The installation takes place at a date and time of the customer’s choosing for a fixed price. Travel, as well as the necessary equipment such as LAN plugs, distributors, cables and cable ducts, are included. 

All services in a single app

Customers want to have a quick and easy way of monitoring their contracts and additionally booked services. That’s exactly what the MagentaSERVICE app is about. Used on a tablet or smartphone, it tells customers at a glance about the status of their contract, their data volume, their included tariff quotas and much more. Customers can use it to extend their contracts quickly and easily, book new tariff options or even set up call forwarding. In addition, the app includes important questions and answers, help videos and community input. It even makes it possible to get in touch with a dedicated contact person directly via chat or video chat. More than 4 million customers already use the app and have given it a four-star rating. MagentaSERVICE is free to download for Apple and Android devices.

Experience our products and services live at IFA in Berlin from September 1 to September 6, at the Deutsche Telekom booth in hall 21a. The Group’s entire presence at the trade show is climate-neutral: All CO2 emissions generated by the construction and operation of the booth are entirely compensated with projects for CO2 reduction abroad.

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