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Hit series Valkyrien exclusive to EntertainTV

  • From December on, Deutsche Telekom will be adding to its series portfolio
  • The hit series Valkyrien will have thriller fans' nerves tingling
  • Norway's multiple prize-winning answer to "Breaking Bad"
Valkyrien: Crime-noir entertainment from Scandinavia

Valkyrien: Crime-noir entertainment from Scandinavia

Crime-noir and the suspense drama of the highest possible quality is what EntertainTV customers have in store for them from December 7, 2017 – without having to pay a cent more. By showing the German première of the first season of Valkyrien, Deutsche Telekom will be introducing Norway's nerve-jangling answer to "Breaking Bad" to German audiences. A mere two weeks after the launch of EntertainTV's series offerings with the exclusive showing of "The Handmaid’s Tale", "Cardinal" And "Better Things" as well as more than 50 titles from the FOX+ series catalog, Deutsche Telekom is showing that there's more where that came from: all eight episodes of Valkyrien will be exclusive to EntertainTV customers and – like all EntertainTV content – will be provided free.

Award-winning crime-noir entertainment from Scandinavia

The eight-part series by author and director Erik Richter Strand (of "Occupied" and "Varg Veum" fame) leads the viewer through unfamiliar territory: an illegal clinic in an old underground air raid shelter under Oslo. The facility is run by a renowned doctor who finds himself stretching the boundaries of medical ethics and morality to the limit.

With a cast of well-known Scandinavian actors, including Sven Nordin ("Elling", "Lilyhammer"), Pål Sverre Hagen ("Kon-Tiki", "Ragnarok", "What happened to Monday?") and Pia Halvorsen ("Beck", "Wallander", "Holby City"), the series has already thrilled crime-thriller fans in Norway and the UK right from the first episode. Valkyrien has also been well received by critics and the specialist press, receiving two 2017 Gullruten awards in Norway: one for best TV drama, and with Pål Sverre Hagen taking the country's gong for best actor. The series was also honored at the Prix Europa 2017, reaching the shortlist in the "Best European TV Fiction Series" category.

So what's Valkyrien about

Renowned doctor Ravn (Sven Nordin) is desperately seeking a cure for his terminally ill wife Vilma (Pia Halvorsen). When the hospital discontinues her treatment, Ravn secretly continues the work. In this task he's helped by former patient Leif (Pål Sverre Hagen), a corrupt member of the Norwegian Civil Defense corps. The trio build an illegal treatment center in a bunker under Oslo, where they begin treating patients outside the health system. The clinic finances Ravn's research into a treatment for Wilma, while Leif reinforces his status among criminals and paranoid conspiracy theorists living outside the country's state social system. As Raven begins to cross ethical boundaries ever more frequently, he comes increasingly into conflict with Leif. Yet the hope for a cure pushes him on.

All eight episodes of Valkyrien will become available from December 1. Deutsche Telekom will be presenting this exclusive EntertainTV series in German and its original version with German sub-titles.

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