Signed and sealed: Open Telekom Cloud and DSI vCloud are secure

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  • Open Telekom Cloud and DSI vCloud now also certified to ISO 27017/18
  • Certification of the Infrastructure as a Service cloud supplemented
Open Telekom Cloud and DSI vCloud are secure

Open Telekom Cloud and vCloud are safe: Silke Lindig, Andreas Falkner and Jürgen Wilde from T-Systems and Frank Barenscheer from DEKRA (left to right) show the certificates.

DEKRA, an independent testing organization, has certified the Open Telekom Cloud and the DSI vCloud for data privacy and data security. Following an extensive audit, the independent test organization certified that the Deutsche Telekom IaaS cloud services meet the requirements of the globally recognized standards: ISO 27017 for data security and ISO 27018 for data privacy. Last year, the Open Telekom Cloud received the CSA Star Level 2 in Gold and the TÜV Trusted Cloud seal.

ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 standards ensure that customer data is protected against misuse with defined processes and tools. For multinational customers as well as small and midsize enterprises in Europe, these standards provide an important guide when assessing cloud providers in terms of data security and data privacy. Since the European Court of Justice ruled the Safe Harbor agreement with the USA invalid, only European cloud providers can ensure that U.S. authorities do not gain access to data in the cloud. “We are not only continually extending the possibilities of our cloud services; we are, of course, also ensuring that our customers can process their data securely in the cloud,” explained Frank Strecker, responsible for cloud business at Deutsche Telekom. “The independent certifications mean our customers receive a signed and sealed guarantee this is the case!”

DEKRA certified for Deutsche Telekom not only the Open Telekom Cloud, but also the vCloud in Germany, a cloud service based on VMware technology. In 2016, TÜV Austria Deutschland had awarded the Open Telekom Cloud two certificates for the cloud security management system and singled out T-Systems with the Gold Award for security.

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