T-Mobile brings the Fairphone to Austria

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From March 24, 2016, the first sustainably produced smartphone in the world, the Fairphone 2 is available together with a contract in Austria. As the first Austrian mobile operator and one of the first mobile operators in the world, T-Mobile is launching a long-term partnership with the Dutch company Fairphone and hence offering the Fairphone 2 to all its new and existing customers. Further information and how to order: (German).

Fairphone has invested in a complete new design for its newest smartphone. Longevity, easy to repair, the choice of materials and the sustainable production are attributes, which make up Fairphone. Next to the manufacturing, where social and ecological values are of vital importance, the Android smartphone with a 5-Inch full LCD HD screen can be disassembled in a matter of seconds into its individual components. Broken or outmoded components can be replaced by the user himself. Hence, the Fairphone cannot only be used longer, but also in case of damage, can be repaired by the user himself by replacing individual components quick and easy.

Fairphone: The first mobile for a conscious sustainable lifestyle
“As the first Austrian mobile operator we are a complete CO2 neutral company. That means that not only our network is operated on a CO2 neutral basis, like other operators, but also the rest of the company, such as our offices, shops, and fleet management are completely CO2 neutral. We have done our homework for the environment and the society. The Fairphone gives our customers now the opportunity to also choose a sustainable smartphone", comments T-Mobile CEO Andreas Bierwirth the co-operation with Fairphone. “We are very proud to be one of the first mobile operators in the world to have the Fairphone 2 in our portfolio and to support the movement behind Fairphone". For more information on T-Mobile’s sustainability strategy go to (German).

Movement for fair electronics
The Dutch company Fairphone promotes a movement, which has the goal to change the electronics industry from inside out. With the manufacturing of smartphones, where social and ecological values come first, the company is engaging in a dialogue on the production of smartphones and creates a demand for fairly produced electronics. The goal is to create awareness among people and to motivate the industry to a more responsible behaviour. Fairphone focusses on four core areas, to tackle the challenge in the supply chain: Mining, design, manufacturing and lifecycle. Step by step the company supports a positive change, by developing projects in each one of the core areas. For more information

Since the launch of the first Fairphone the company is working together with two initiatives for the acquisition of tin and tantalum from conflict-free mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Parallel to the development of the Fairphone 2, the company also set its focus on tungsten and gold. In January 2016, after almost two years of research and working together with a number of partners, the first pilot supply chain for Fairtrade gold in the electronics industry was successfully established. The integration of Fairtrade-certified gold from Peru in the smartphone value added chain, makes Fairphone the first manufacturer worldwide of consumer electronics with a Fairtrade licence. The Austrian company AT&S manufactured the conductor boards for Fairphone.

Until now Fairphones were only sold via the company’s website. As of March 24, 2016, the Fairphone is directly available from a mobile operator in Austria.

Monique Lempers, Commercial Director and Value Chain Director Fairphone, says: “Our smartphones offer the opportunity to change the electronics industry and how the products are manufactured. We are excited that the Fairphone 2 is now available by T-Mobile in Austria. Almost 35.000 customers have already decided for a fairer and more sustainable subsistence strategy with their wallet. Austrians are currently in the top 5 in regards to the worldwide sales. Thanks to a better disposability of the smartphone because of partners like T-Mobile Austria this movement will further grow."

From March 24, 2016 Fairphone 2 available at T-Mobile
“The Fairphone 2 is another component of our “Wie-ich-will-principle". For the first time, customers can also influence their ecological footprint in terms of their smartphone. The device fits perfectly to our maxim, to offer our customers the highest amount of fairness, freedom, transparency and flexibility. We are giving our customers the opportunity to change the mobile phone industry and start acting sustainable starting with their own smartphone", says Maria Zesch, CCO T-Mobile Austria.

The Fairphone 2 is available from March 24, 2016 in all T-Mobile shops, online shop and selected partners for all consumer and business customers. The modular smartphone is available to all consumer customers for 10 Euros a month and 0 Euro down payment, with 24-months instalments in connection with the tariff plan “My Mobile Extreme". In the tariff plan “My Mobile Turbo" the device is available for 15 Euros a month with 0 Euro down payment and in the tariff plan “My Mobile Light" for 18 Euros a month with 0 Euro down payment. Correspondent to the “Wie-ich-will-principle" customers can also pay the full price of 240 Euros in the tariff plan “My Mobile Extreme" when signing the contract. Staying true to the motto “Fairness-wie-ich-will" new customers and existing customers can purchase the Fairphone to the same conditions. Plus with T-Mobile all smartphones are unlocked. T-Mobile offers all Fairphone customers the device insurance "Fair&Sicher“ in the first month free of charge. Business customers can purchase the Fairphone 2 in the tariff plan “Biz Inclusive Premium" for 0 Euro. For further information go to