Intelligent Networks

Intelligente Netze, LAN-Dose

Intelligent networks

More and more people save and process their personal data on the web rather than on their hard disk at home.

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39,000 households to receive 100 Mbps network access as of today

Deutsche Telekom's expansion program for vectoring-based Internet accesses is moving into its major year-end push. Today, an additional 39,000 households, in a total of 62 cities, will go online with bandwidth of 100 Mbps (download) and 40 Mbps (upload).

DT Fiber to the Home 2017

Fiber to the home: Deutsche Telekom pushes build-out

Deutsche Telekom tests new marketing strategy for fiber-optic lines.

Machine Learning makes networks smarter

Artificial Intelligence and Applied Machine Learning Project Group launched by the Telecom Infra Project.


Europe's first 5G antennas are transmitting in Berlin

5G New Radio connection with 2 gigabits per second.


Deutsche Telekom launches global network offering for enterprises

Effective immediately, Deutsche Telekom is offering its corporate customers rapidly deployable network connections and services. The new telecommunications offering is based on the ngena network – the Next Generation Enterprise Network Alliance (

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