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    We are looking for a suitable candidates (f/m/d) for the position of a Test Manager and a tester (focus testautomation) working in the context of a spatial data infrastructure (SDI). The position should be filled permanently and the candidate shall in general support our agile teams and our users with the definition, organization and execution of tests.

   Tasks for the Testmanager

  •     Specification and creation of testconcepts
  •     Specification of suitable test methodologies and tools
  •     Organisation and overall coordination of concepts and test cases
  •     Organisation of testers and definition of automated tests, focus on integration tests
  •     Organizing and conducting user acceptance tests.
  •     Evaluation of  releases from a test perspective Anchor.


        The initial purpose for the development of the SDI was to support the fibre planning process of Deutsche Telekom AG (DTAG) as this process requires a huge amount of geospatial data and applications for end-users visualizing and analyzing geoinformation. Since the GoLive of the FTTH-Factory-parts of the SDI the developments also focus more and more in other business areas of DTAG. Focus in general is on the provision of geoservices and applications to the planning process of the fixed- and mobile network. Inside the SDI we are mainly dealing with the following high-level use cases from a business point of view:

  •             Generation of surface information from aerial photos as well as terrestrial laser scan data and photos
  •             Provisioning of trenches potentially usable for the fibre planning process based on the surface information using cost-routing methodologies
  •             Provisioning of applications (web UIs) for users
  •             Web-based geographic information system needed for the process of planning
  •             Catalogue for the available data and services needed for the planning process
  •             UI for starting & monitoring the calculation of potential trenches

    The SDI is deployed and running in the Open Telekom Cloud (OTC) making use of a sophisticated CI/CD-Chain and the concept of Infrastructure as Code.
    The SDI is developed using agile methodologies - SCRUM and on an enterprise level SAFe. Currently, we do have five teams.
  Current status regarding tests:

    We do have different levels of tests already implemented but mostly only implemented in a proof of concept way, i.e. we can verify that the different test-types can be integrated in our CI/CD-chain and are also fitting to the needs and set-up with our users.

  •     We do have a limited amount of unit tests in place which are executed automatically as part of the CI/CD-chain.
  •     We do have integration tests in place but they are not covering all use cases 100%. Some of those integration tests are already executed automatically as well after a new deployment of a component.
  •     We already organized user acceptance tests for some of the main use cases, but the integration of our users (business side) is still a challenging task.

    Organization & Tooling

    Right now we do have an experienced external testmanager who did set-up the testing-concepts in conjunction with our users and developers. The general idea though is to substitute this position with the chosen candidates, after some time working in parallel. There is no fixed date when the onboarding and knowledge transfer shall be ended, this is of course depending on the already existing experience and knowledge of the candidate. A feasible amount of time would probably be something between 3 months and half a year.
    As we are working in the cloud we also do have a docker-container for the execution of our automated integration tests.
    As a software for the tests we are using the Jira-testmanagement-plugin Xray. Here, we define test cases covering the requirements. Results from the automated integration tests are also written back to Xray, i.e. the results can be monitored in Jira directly.
    For the tests Selenium and the Robot Framework is used.

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Über uns

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Deutsche Telekom Pan-Net Greece, having its seat at 9 Fragkokklisias street, 15125, Amarousion, Attica, Greece

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