How does the search field work in the job search?

The search uses a simple principle. Essentially the following applies: In the complete job advertisement, the system searches for the terms that you entered in the search field, i.e. in the heading and the advertisement itself.

Example: You are looking for junior IT consultant positions. You can enter the information in one of two ways:
You enter the complete term - JUNIOR IT CONSULTANT. The system now filters all job advertisements that contain these three words – junior, IT, consultant. The word order is not relevant. You will then see a lot of job advertisements, because these three words appear in one context or another in a lot of advertisements.
You enter the complete term enclosed by quotation marks – “JUNIOR IT CONSULTANT”. In contrast to the earlier example, the word order within the quotation marks is now taken into consideration. This means the system filters and displays only the job advertisements in which these three words appear in exactly the way you entered them. You will then see far fewer jobs.