Postal voting

Insofar as the requirements stated under "Conditions for attendance and exercising voting rights" are fulfilled, shareholders can choose to cast their vote by post without attending the shareholders' meeting. Shareholders casting their votes by post can do so either in text form (§ 126b BGB) sent to the address or e-mail address specified for registration or via the password-protected Internet Dialog using the system provided for this purpose (subject to the requirements and restrictions stated under "Using the password-protected Internet Dialog") at the address stated above (postal votes). For administrative reasons, postal votes should be cast using the forms provided by the Company for this specific purpose (including electronic forms).

Postal votes can only be cast in respect of resolutions proposed by the Company's administrative bodies and published by the Company prior to the shareholders' meeting, but including any proposal on the appropriation of net income that is adjusted during the shareholders' meeting in line with the published proposal, and in respect of resolutions proposed by shareholders that were published by the Company prior to the shareholders' meeting on the basis of a minority request pursuant to § 122 (2) Aktiengesetz (AktG), as a counter-motion pursuant to § 126 (1) AktG or as a nomination pursuant to § 127 AktG. Postal votes cast may be changed or revoked at any time up to and including the day of the shareholders' meeting, right up to shortly before voting commences.

Shareholders who use the postal voting procedure shall nonetheless be entitled to attend the shareholders' meeting, either in person or through a proxy.