Those shareholders who are registered in the company's shareholders' register and have registered with the company at the following address in good time, i.e., by midnight (CET) on Monday, March 23, 2020 (deadline for registration) at the latest, are entitled to participate in the shareholders' meeting and to exercise their voting right at the shareholders' meeting in accordance with § 16 (1) of the Articles of Incorporation by using the password-protected Internet Dialog in accordance with the system provided for this purpose on the following website or by using the envelope to

DTAG Hauptversammlung 2020
c/o ADEUS Aktienregister-Service GmbH
20683 Hamburg, Germany

or by E-mail at the E-mail address

The registration must be received by the above date in order to be deemed to have been made on time. We cannot accept registrations received after March 23, 2020 due to legal reasons.

For further information on the procedure to follow when registering via the Internet Dialog, in particular for using the Internet Dialog, please read our Information on Internet Dialog.

Information for Bearers of ADRs

Bearers of American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) may obtain additional information through Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas (Depositary), e-mail, telephone +1 (866) 282-3744.

Participation certificate (certificate for tax return)

You can print out any participation certificate you require for your personal income tax return at the information counter. You will need your personal participant documents “Persönliche Teilnehmerunterlage” for this, which you hold under the scanner of the terminals provided for this purpose. A participation certificate will then be printed out immediately for you. If you forget to print out a participation certificate before you leave the meeting, you can also request one afterwards from the Investor Relations department at Deutsche Telekom AG in Bonn. In order to issue this certificate, we need to know the number on your personal participant documents “Persönliche Teilnehmerunterlage”, as we can only verify participation using the list of persons present.