Shareholders' register

Where can I inspect the shareholders' register?

Every shareholder has the right to information concerning the data about himself / herself stored in the shareholders' register. This data can be viewed in person at Deutsche Telekom AG's registered office at Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 140, 53113 Bonn, Germany, or written requests can be sent to Deutsche Telekom AG, Investor Relations, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 140, 53113 Bonn, Germany. You will find your personal registration data in your invitation to the shareholders' meeting.

What personal data is stored in the shareholders' register?

The shareholders' register is maintained as an electronic database which is updated daily with buying and selling activities worldwide. The following data is stored in the shareholders' register: last name, first name, address, e-mail address (if given), shareholder number, share portfolio, date of birth.

Is the depositary bank entered in the shareholders' register on behalf of the shareholder?

In this case, the depositary bank is then the shareholder in relation to the Company and can order admission tickets for the number of customers it has. The depositary bank can then authorize its customers to participate in the shareholders' meeting and exercise its voting rights. Depositary banks that are listed in the shareholders' register on behalf of shareholders perhaps will send out the shareholders' meeting announcement in advance to their securities account customers.

How can I get my address changed in the shareholders' register?

The invitation to the shareholders' meeting contains a section marked "Update address for the Deutsche Telekom AG shareholders' register entry." Please fill this section out and return it to Deutsche Telekom AG. You can also change your address online by visiting under "Shareholders' register service."

Please do not forget to inform your depositary bank of any change of address. We have prepared a form for this purpose that you can download and send to your depositary bank. You should also be aware that only the depositary bank can arrange for the actual entry in the shareholders' register.

We can only change data already entered in the shareholders' register with your permission. We are also not able to make changes pertaining to the amount of shares held or the share ownership information.

What entries are made in the shareholders' register when I purchase Deutsche Telekom shares?

If the shareholder does not raise an objection, the depositary bank will arrange for the shareholder's data to be entered in the shareholders' register. It is also possible to enter a trustee. However, as far as Deutsche Telekom AG is concerned, only the person who is entered in the shareholders' register is considered to be the shareholder. Please remember that you will not receive any information from the company concerning the shareholders' meeting if you are not listed in the shareholders' register. However, some banks only arrange for the shareholder information to be entered in the shareholders' register at the request of their customer. If your securities account is held with a bank, please contact your depositary bank to arrange this.