What is the difference between a voluntary and mandatory internship?

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A mandatory internship is an integral part of a curriculum and is a required component for testing student performance – it is included in the study regulations that apply to the curriculum. A voluntary internship is different because you have the freedom to decide whether to enroll or not – and no one defines where and when you complete the internship. In our voluntary internships, you can participate for a period of up to six months during your course of study or in the gap year between your bachelor and master programs. Since a mandatory internship must be completed within a time frame specific by examination regulations, participants are not eligible for holidays. Voluntary interns, however, are entitled to holidays.

These differences are relevant for the internship contract because each type of status requires various kinds of documentation (e.g., health insurance confirmation, matriculation certificate, bachelor's transcript or diploma, etc.). But don't worry – with your own document checklist from our Telekom Career Team, nothing can go wrong!