What transmission power do mobile communications antennas use?

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In mobile communications, base stations and mobile devices automatically adjust their transmission power to individual transmission scenarios. In the case of a good connection, the transmission power is automatically reduced to a fraction of the maximum possible power. This saves cell phone battery capacity and reduces electromagnetic fields.

The transmission power of mobile communications antennas normally lies between 10 and 100 Watt.
Telekom base stations in the GSM network normally achieve transmission powers of four to sixteen Watts per frequency channel. The number of frequency channels for a GSM base station depends on the demand for phone calls and data transmission in a radio cell and lies between two and ten channels. The Telekom UMTS facilities normally have one or two frequency channels, each with a maximum transmission capacity of 20 Watts. In the case of LTE with one or two frequency channels, the transmission capacity is up to 40 Watts.