Who checks that the limit values for base stations are complied?

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In all our national companies, the safety of mobile sites has to be confirmed by compliance declarations. The safety assessment is regularly performed by calculations or measurements for all mobile sites in order to show compliance to the nationally applied exposure limits.

In Germany, the Federal Network Agency (for electricity, gas, telecommunications, posts and railways, (www.bundesnetzagentur.de) checks that the limit values for mobile communications are complied with.
Inspection takes place on the basis of the technical data and construction documents prior to commissioning and each time a technical modification takes place on a mobile communications base station. If all requirements are fulfilled, the Federal Network Agency issues an operating license – the site certificate.
The site certificate defines the areas around every base station that must be kept clear for safety reasons. The safety clearances are derived from the exposure limits and ensure that people can reside permanently outside the safety area without any risks for their safety. As a general rule, the safety clearance around base stations for GSM, UMTS and LTE is several meters.
As well as issuing a site certificate, the Federal Network Agency checks at irregular intervals and without notice whether mobile communications facilities continue to fulfill the conditions for the operating license.