Alexia Sailer

Alexia Sailer


Alexia has been spokesperson for Deutsche Telekom since 2010 and is mainly responsible for all issues related to cybersecurity.

Articles by Alexia Sailer

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Magenta Security 2017

Corporate Responsibility

Security sector summit

"Secure Digitization!" is the motto of Deutsche Telekom's second Magenta Security Congress, taking place at Munich's International Congress Center (ICM) on June 20-21.



Botnet attack gets stuck in honey trap

Protection doesn't work if you only look at your own little world. For an outside perspective, Telekom Security is running an international network of digital traps. The Telekom Security experts now monitored a botnet attack via the so called honeypots.

Telekom Security is ahead in ISG Provider Lens 2018

Corporate Responsibility

Analysts see Telekom Security in leading position

Analysts see Telekom Security as the leader on the German market. Special praise is given to the breadth of the portfolio and the end-to-end offering that Deutsche Telekom can provide as a network operator.

Cyber crime: What to expect in 2018


Cyber crime: What to expect in 2018

Number of attacks will increase also in 2018.

Smartphone Recycling


Clear out your drawers

Today is World Environment Day – a good reason to put climate change and the islands of plastic waste floating in our oceans on the back burner for a minute and take a look at a beloved toy instead: the smartphone. After all, using these devices properly...