Alexia Sailer

Alexia Sailer


Alexia works in communications for T-Systems. Before, she was spokesperson for Deutsche Telekom and mainly responsible for all issues related to cybersecurity.

Articles by Alexia Sailer

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One SOC fits all

Digitization has a huge impact on the security of businesses. Deutsche Telekom reacts with a new defense center - to visit at the Hannover Messe.

Smartphone Recycling


Clear out your drawers

Today is World Environment Day – a good reason to put climate change and the islands of plastic waste floating in our oceans on the back burner for a minute and take a look at a beloved toy instead: the smartphone. After all, using these devices properly...

Symbolbild mit Schloss zur Volksverschlüsselung, eine Kooperation vom Fraunhofer-Institut SIT und der Telekom.

Corporate Responsibility

Joint forces for cyber security

Deutsche Telekom signs Charter of Trust.


Corporate Responsibility

E-mail encryption: vulnerabilities discovered

What users can do now.

Symbol image Spectre and Meltdown

Corporate Responsibility

Facts about Spectre and Meltdown

As widely reported in global media, security researchers have discovered fundamental design flaws in microprocessors (computer chips) from numerous manufacturers. As a result of these flaws, malware could theoretically read passwords and private keys...