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Stephan Broszio

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No, Stephan, 62er, did not started his careers with the classics "school newspaper". Instead, he did community service and a formative year in Bristol.England. And above all, plenty of local and regional characteristics in the Rhineland. Volunteer at the Westdeutsche Zeitung. Then the acceleration: At the news agency vwd Vereinigte Wirtschaftdienste it was all about minutes. First in economics, in Frankfurt. In 1995 politics,o the federal level in Bonn. From then on it turned almost daily around the Deutsche Telekom.  Starting in 1999 as a T-spokesperson and taking over various stations, now Key Account at Corporate Communications.

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Telekom buys 5G frequencies at auction


Telekom buys 5G frequencies at auction

Telekom has bought frequencies worth 2.17 billion euros. Our customers can look forward to a first-class 5G network.



Gamescom 2017 – players and policymakers

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Starfighter Assault – names like this are unlikely to tempt German politicians, who have far too many real threats to deal with in the non-virtual here and now.

2017 mobile communications tests


Telekom-networks front-runner in Europe

Deutsche Telekom stands for best LTE network quality in Europe.

8 point program for 5G


5G for our country, Germany

We want the best-performing digital infrastructure for Germany.

Logos of T-Mobile US and Sprint.


Merger T-Mobile US and Sprint

T-Mobile US and Sprint combine business operations.