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Diana Schnetgöke has been working under the magenta color for more than 15 years. Breakpoints were different positions in the HR department. Online communication is her passion. In HR marketing she constantly tries to infect new colleagues with the coolest color ever.

Articles by Diana Schnetgöke

Your choice

Young people take part in the User Experience Challenge and let their creativity run wild.


Challenge@Telekom: User Experience – next level

What exactly is the meaning of “user experience?” The feeling of what using a device or solution is like. But in this Challenge we are concerned about the user experience of customers.

Barbara Costanzo and her project team “Praktikum PLUS Direkteinstieg” are excited about the award.


Putting responsibility into practice with the Internship PLUS direct entry program

In 2016, we launched a pilot project to help refugees integrate into working life. Now, we have received an award for the further development of the program.



CareerTip: Brain food – feeding body and mind

We’ll show you a few tips and the right brain food, to make it through the stress of everyday life and how you come out fit and well at the other end.

Girls and boys work together on technical problems.


For a Corporate Culture Without Gender Stereotypes

For us, your interest and talent count – regardless of gender. By joining the “Klischee-frei Initiative”, we emphasize our commitment to equality.

Symbolfoto KI


Modern Workplace: Our desk bikes

The new motto of Telekom is: Sport at work. The implementation of it comes in form of the desk bike.