George-Stephen McKinney

George-Stephen McKinney

Spokesperson and Telekom Blogger

Born in '61, George-Stephen spends his entire career at Deutsche Telekom. In his first position after apprenticeship, he has answered customers questions at the helpline ... Then, as a civil servant he took over - like so many of his colleagues of the "DBP generation" - many functions, including in sales, quality management, technology and public relations providing his "service". Finally, many years ago, he moved to Deutsche Telekom's press office at their Frankfurt office. His main topics are, among others, the public relations on network expansion of Deutsche Telekom and the project management for dealing with press inquiries regarding problems in customer service and network disruptions.

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Mobile communications network in Hesse


Hesse: Deutsche Telekom to build 530 new mobile base stations

Deutsche Telekom will continue to upgrade its mobile communications network in Hesse.