Jana Hitzel, cooperative study program student, has been working in the HR Marketing department at Deutsche Telekom AG since October 2018. During her attendance phases at university, she sits in the Bachelor of Arts lectures in Business Management and listens to the professors speak about accounting, HR management, and computer science. Take a look at her blog where she will present interesting topics and her experiences on the cooperative study program.

Articles by Jana Hitzel

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Darmstadt has a fair bit to offer...

Working on the Darmstadt Telekom Campus in the immediate vicinity of the Technical University and the main station – attractive and practical

Group photo of Participants


Generation Tomorrow – who we are and what we're doing

"We are rocking the new thinking": young talents are advancing new opportunities and ideas for companies. With the "Generation Tomorrow" initiative, T-Systems is no exception.

2020615_Bewerbertraining für Nachwuchssportler


The first digital job application training for young up-and-coming athletes

Due to the contact restrictions currently in force as a result of the Corona pandemic, the conceptual design of our job application training for young athletes was restructured into a digital format.



Kulturmatcher – what makes Deutsche Telekom tick?

It’s like the rhythmic beating of a heart which brings a company to life and makes it unique – the corporate culture.