Luisa Vollmar is working for Deutsche Telekom for several years. Now in the Board Support Team for Claudia Nemat, Board Member Technology and Innovation. Her focus: Communications. Anyway her topic. Before that, she was a long time in corporate communications with different topics and responsibilities. Social media, Deutsche Telekom’s business in Southern and Eastern Europe, financial communications. She studied in Maastricht International Management.

Articles of Luisa Vollmar

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Smart fashion: Deutsche Telekom makes clothing intelligent

Twice a year Berlin becomes a magnet for designers, makeup artists, models, media representatives, buyers, and stars. The city can once again show its colors as a fashion capital. Because it's Fashion Week. For a couple of years now, another kind of designer...

Telegraphen Lounge


Israel and Berlin: A great combination for success in global competition?!

A few months ago, in preparation for my post "Off to Silicon Wadi", I did some research on the Israeli startup scene. The startup-relevant facts and figures I turned up on Israel – and especially on Tel Aviv – were downright amazing. The Israelis are hot on...

View into the Fashion Fusion Lab


Fashion Fusion: Insight into the digitization of fashion

Just before the grand finale of the Fashion Fusion competition, the young talents give insight into their projects and therewith the digitization of fashion.

Podium with experts from tlounge "Generation digital"


"Every brain thinks as long as it is alive"

Do we unlearn to think through digitization? Experts discuss at the telegraphen_lounge "Generation digital".