Luisa Vollmar is working for Deutsche Telekom for several years now. Mainly for corporate communications. Before she started in 2010 to devote herself to the topic of social media, she was the spokesperson for Deutsche Telekom’s business in Southern and Eastern Europe. Previously she worked in financial communications. She once went through the training as Industrial Management Assistant, but not at Deutsche Telekom. Luisa studied International Management in Maastricht, before she startet her Traineeship at Deutsche Telekom in 2004. As a corporate blogger she is particularly interested in stylish products, new perspectives and in people behind the T.

Articles of Luisa Vollmar

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Soul Bottles Love Magenta


Magenta Love

If a company successfully brings people to associate it with a very specific color, then the corporate brand managers have done something right at some point. The blue used by Nivea works very well, for example. And there was great work done here at Deutsche...

Street lights on a crossroad


Smart city: When cities become smart, their citizens benefit

Ongoing urbanization is creating enormous challenges for cities. The world's population continues to grow, and more and more people are moving from rural areas to cities. While such migrations have been taking place for centuries, they have been accelerating...

Podium with experts from tlounge "Generation digital"


"Every brain thinks as long as it is alive"

Do we unlearn to think through digitization? Experts discuss at the telegraphen_lounge "Generation digital".

Telegraphen Lounge


Israel and Berlin: A great combination for success in global competition?!

A few months ago, in preparation for my post "Off to Silicon Wadi", I did some research on the Israeli startup scene. The startup-relevant facts and figures I turned up on Israel – and especially on Tel Aviv – were downright amazing. The Israelis are hot on...