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A photo, no coincidence and a lot of #Werkstolz

There it is: that one moment that changes your life forever. That brief second when you decide to do things whose effects should resonate. In Hossein Farshi’s case, it was THE photo that was supposed to get the ball rolling via social media and put him on magenta paths. "It's no coincidence," he says. 

Picture of the Ernst-Reuter-Platz with a sculpture in the foreground and a high-rise with a T logo in the background

The picture that got the ball rolling and put Hossein on magenta paths.

Berlin 2015, a winter's day in Charlottenburg. It's cold and grey in the city, but he still likes to be outside in the fresh air: a young man from Iran. During his walk, he looks at the large building on Ernst-Reuter-Platz with the inscription "Technical University" (TU). The Telekom logo is placed on the roof. The building itself is home to the Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs) and lecture rooms of the TU. He has already attended lectures on the 19th floor. Hossein came to Germany alone to fulfill his dream: to study mechanical engineering. He is happy that he has passed the German language exam for university entrance and that he has been offered a place at the Technical University. 

One of his habits is to photograph anything that makes him feel good. And since the high-rise impresses him once again on this day, he picks up his mobile phone and takes a picture of the building at the large roundabout. The student sends the photo to his family, who live in Tabriz in northwestern Iran. After that, he posts it on Instagram and tags it with several hashtags, #telekom is one of them. Two days later, he was asked in a comment whether Deutsche Telekom could also share the photo via social media. Hossein enthusiastically agrees. "Receiving this response from a large and important company gave me a lot of confidence at that moment," Hossein recalls. He also proudly shares this moment with his family via screenshot. 

„Open to Work“ for T-Systems

The contact with the Magenta Group was to be continued. Hossein's professional goal has always been to work for large corporations after his studies: "During my time at university, I worked with various large companies in the mobility and automotive industries. This way I was able to gain a lot of experience and finance my life on the side." After completing his studies in information technology in mechanical engineering, he earned additional certifications as an Agile Coach, Project Manager and New Work Expert. Fascinated by the effectiveness of the Scrum method, especially in IT environments, Hossein is specifically looking for suitable companies to work as an Agile Coach. Social media in combination with the Telekom Group once again play a decisive role here. With his LinkedIn status "Open to Work", he arouses the interest of a friend who worked at T-Systems and suggests that he apply to the IT service provider. 

As part of the Future Cloud Infrastructure team

With success: Hossein Farshi gets a job as Scrum Master at T-Systems on site Services GmbH. Since 2022, he has been working as a consultant for the T-Systems' Future Cloud Infrastructure project. This brings IT systems together on one platform, reducing the complexity of IT infrastructures and thus also costs. As part of the team, he is not in direct contact with customers, but he is very proud of his work. 

Portrait of Hossein Farshi and a visual of a heart with the T-logo and love magenta

Hossein Farshi is proud to be part of the magenta family

After #telekom: #Werkstolz 

Today, he likes to add a second hashtag to the #telekom hashtag he chose: #Werkstolz. “I am proud to be part of the magenta family. I am passionate about working at T-Systems on site Services GmbH. And it's incredibly great news that Deutsche Telekom is now the 9th most valuable brand in the world." The Scrum Master really enjoys the daily working atmosphere in the team and likes to start the day with a very specific morning routine: "When I arrive at the office, I like to look at a beautiful sunrise, which is often visible behind my desk. And sometimes I even think it's a shame when a working day ends."

Sharing passion with people 

With his positive attitude to life, he would like to infect others. He teaches interested people how to play the violin. He loves to travel and combines this with his still great passion for photography. "I take pictures in everyday life as well as on my travels, which I like to share with others. I want to show them how many positive aspects there are in our lives – despite all the terrible news and images from all over the world and from different media sources," says Hossein, who wants to say once again: "Never lose sight of motivation and beauty."

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