Diana Schnetgöke


Female talents, apply for the Digital Female Leader Award

The application phase for the Digital Female Leader Awards (DFLA) is underway! Deutsche Telekom sponsors the "IT-Tech" category, supporting the initiative which is themed "Elevate the Game" this year. Are you digitally engaged and a trailblazer in your field? Do you know an exceptional female figure who leads with passion and digital commitment? Now is the time to apply or nominate. The application deadline is May 13, and the awards across 16 categories will be presented on November 7th and 8th in Karlsruhe.

Nadine Junker

Nadine Junker, People Lead Architects & UX from Deutsche Telekom IT is there as a juror. © Deutsche Telekom

The DFLA honors women from various technology sectors, including innovation, diversity, finance, social impact, sustainability, new work, and, of course, IT-Tech. For this category, Telekom has appointed Nadine Junker, People Lead Architects & UX, Deutsche Telekom IT, as a juror. The Digital Female Leader Awards not only recognize technical skills but also leadership qualities, innovation, and social engagement.

The event provides a platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and the promotion of women in technology. By making women visible and honoring them, not only their achievements are recognized but also an important signal for diversity and inclusion is sent. All information regarding your own application and nomination can be found on the DFLA website.

Important: As a woman, you can not only apply yourself but also be nominated by others - especially male colleagues, superiors, or employees. We look forward to seeing you at the award ceremony in Karlsruhe; seize your chance and apply. Good luck!