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First tech talents from Coding School 42 successfully started at T-Systems

At the beginning of March, T-Systems welcomed its first interns, Madis Luik and Michail Chatzipanagiotou, from 42 Wolfsburg. Now they have graduated successfully, and bagged a permanent working contract. T-Systems and the innovative programming school 42 complement each other perfectly. As a founding partner of 42 Berlin, T-Systems will continue its strategic and financial commitment, and cooperate with the other German 42 Schools in Wolfsburg and Heilbronn. In the video you’ll learn more about the new T-Systems experts, their supporters and the innovative coding school - "a match made in heaven".

An employee smiles at the camera

In addition to the demanding curriculum at the campus, the 42's learning concept includes an internship for its students at one of the partner companies. In March 2023, Madis and Michail chose to do their internship with the Connected Mobility Team at T-Systems, led by Jörg Tischler. They seem to have enjoyed it - because they ultimately signed a permanent employment contract. The team, in turn, was impressed by their commitment, tech skills and the breath of fresh air. A super match!

This is just the beginning: By the end of 2023, another six 42 interns will start at T-Systems. They can expect a varied tech career at T-Systems.

An employee smiles at the camera

Coding School 42 und T-Systems – „a match made in heaven”

Mentors as the key to success

The successful partnership with 42 Berlin and Wolfsburg would not have been possible without the great commitment of the "42 Fellows", Sebastian Lang and Michael Schafhauser. With their technical expertise and passion for software development, the T-Systems employees see themselves first and foremost as enablers. Through close personal support, they enabled interns Madis and Michail to realize their full potential in the shortest possible time. Ideas were exchanged and innovations driven forward in a productive learning environment. A clear sign of the effectiveness of mentoring.

The "42 Fellows" are a network of dedicated T-Systems employees who drive the cooperation with the 42 and, as talent magnets, play a significant role in winning and developing the next generation of tech talents. “They are key to the success of the cooperation and we as a company are grateful that we can count on them”, says Lenny Kallok as the coordinator for the partnership with 42.

Cooperation with 42

The cooperation with 42 Berlin began in 2022. 42's vision and innovative approach were compelling: tuition-free programming schools that provide people from a wide range of backgrounds with a first-class education in software development. These schools are based on a unique peer learning model where students learn from each other without relying on traditional teaching methods.

As T-Systems, we will continue to invest in this valuable partnership with 42 Berlin, Wolfsburg and Heilbronn. The cooperation will have a positive impact on the future of the tech industry: It serves not only to address the pressing skills shortage in the tech sector, but also to promote diversity and inclusion.