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My employer must be a good fit for me

Sophia Hansche joined T-Systems in August 2022 as an Automotive Business Consultant. She is currently working on a project for an automotive manufacturer to modernize its enterprise resource planning system with a cloud-based redevelopment. Sophia comes from an international industrial and automotive supplier. Why did she decide to join T-Systems instead of Google, IBM or an automotive manufacturer? Here she describes her motives and what her Chapter Lead Michael Beyer has to do with it.

Sophia, what made you join us?   

Sophia: In addition to the dynamic work environment and the technological passion, the personal development potential and diverse development opportunities in agile working are particularly important to me. In my job, I can contribute to the transformation of the automotive industry - in other words, actively help shape the mobility of tomorrow. T-Systems is active in many industries, serving exciting customers. My team sees itself as a "partner" to the customer, as a customer enthusiast - not as a service provider. I can fully identify with these things. They are important to me about my employer. I also enjoy working with different people - across countries. And I value communication at eye level, regardless of title, age, gender - even with the customer. The decisive factor was my Chapter Lead Michael; he simply convinced me during the application phase. He went the extra mile to win me over. That's why I've come to the right place!

What stands out to you in particular - in the team?  

Sophia: I can be "myself" and drive things forward, quickly take on responsibility, even as a young person. In the team, we support each other by sharing experience and perspectives. Old benefits from young and young benefits from old. The "T-Systems spirit" is really remarkable, I felt connected and part of a community right from day one. 

What does your Chapter Lead score with?

Sophia: Trust and unconditional support on the job. Michael takes my wishes and ideas into consideration. I am encouraged, there is an open feedback culture - I feel valued.  

What doesn't work at all? 

Sophia: The coffee in the Darmstadt office could be improved. Only working together virtually would be too little for me. Meeting people in person is important to me.  

Sophia Hansche and Michael Beyer talking to each other

Sophia Hansche with Chapter Lead Michael Beyer – a great team

Michael Beyer, Chapter Lead of Sophia, also reports on what makes him a talent magnet.

Michael, what's your favorite feel-good activity for newbees on the team?  

Michael: Our onboarding is very important to us. That is the moment of welcome: now you are part of this team and the T-Systems family. We don't just do a campaign. We signal to the team at all times that we are there when support is needed.
What impulses from Sophia inspire you in the team or you as a Chapter Lead?  
Sophia brings a lot of enthusiasm for our automotive topics. She carries this enthusiasm into the projects and to the customer. In addition, Sophia wants to shape things and simply tackles challenges and tasks to do so. This open and curious attitude inspires me a lot.  

What do you do to get talented people to choose you? 

Michael: Recruiting new team members is a real challenge. When we advertised the job, we reflected as a team on how we can better address talent, what assets we have and should make known. Communicating good experiences to the outside world helps us a lot to win talents over.

Who is your Feel-Good-Manager? 

Michael: Feel-good is something we all care about in the team. Personally, I try to create an environment where each of us is motivated, can work well and has fun doing it.  

Joining T-Systems
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