Storytelling and influencing: writing with impact

Humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish. Surprised? Probably not. Because in a world in which the amount of digital content is increasing by the second, there are bound to be effects on the concentration and attention span of our species. This makes it more difficult to get people to notice YOUR content and stick with it.

Testing out and discovering new talents

If I had to describe the traineeship at Deutsche Telekom in one word, it would be "multifaceted". Because if you are curious and want to get to know new activities and areas, every day really is different. You can get to grips with different topics and provide communicative support for things like network expansion, product launches, events, sustainability, campaign days, HR topics and much more. And you have the opportunity to find out which media formats inspire you the most. For me, for example, the written word is where my heart beats fastest.

Stories that make a difference

Researching, writing and editing texts is one of my main tasks here. What I write about varies from day to day. Last year, for instance, I was able to help bring the content of the Diversity Month March to life. For four weeks, articles on the various aspects of diversity were published internally and externally to draw attention to the importance of diversity. It was a particularly exciting project for me because it showed me how exciting articles that focus on people are. For example, my articles on World Autism Day, the beginning of Ramadan, Epilepsy Awareness Day and the Special Olympics World Games in Berlin received great feedback from employees. That really impressed me and left a lasting impression.

A young woman sits at the desk in front of her laptop

Here you can see Anne doing her research. © Deutsche Telekom

Since then, it was clear to me that I wanted to work on stories that were personal and close to the employees. And I was given the opportunity to do this right away during my traineeship.

Going the extra mile

The traineeship at Deutsche Telekom is extremely versatile and has encouraged and challenged me daily. I am grateful for the opportunity to be involved in various projects and to be thrown into situations that were beyond my comfort zone. This allows me to learn a lot and always face new challenges.
What would I like to share with you at this point? First, no tips on storytelling and writing, because you'll get those when you're here as a volunteer. Instead, you will receive some personal advice for your application:

  • Be well prepared - Find out enough about the company. For example, know the core business, the goals and the culture so that you can give well-founded answers and, above all, ask questions during the interview. Also familiarize yourself with Deutsche Telekom's social media presence.
  • Be yourself - Present yourself as you are. After all, if you can be authentically yourself in the workplace, everything will be much more fun.
  • Go the extra mile - Do you have the opportunity to submit more than just a CV or cover letter? Then take advantage of this opportunity and show who you are. Stand out with a presentation, a video, a podcast or something else.
  • Expect the unexpected - good preparation is everything, but also be prepared to spontaneously get involved in things you weren't expecting.

And the most important advice: just be yourself and be convincing with yourself and your manner. Then nothing stands in the way of a future in the coolest corporate communications.