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T-Systems and VW with a Feel-Good Atmosphere

Laura Pallasch has been working as a Senior Account Manager at T-Systems' VW Account House for a year. Laura's team and her boss Lutz Garschke focus on a feel-good atmosphere and personal development, and not just when it comes to talent acquisition. Find out how this works in the video and in the interview.

Portrait of Laura Pallasch

Laura's client Volkswagen is all about digital transformation. Laura joined the T-Systems team at the beginning of 2022. All doors are open to her. Why did she choose T-Systems and not IBM or an auto-manufacturer? Laura comes from the T-Systems subsidiary onsite GmbH and describes what moved her to sign a contract at T-Systems.

What made you decide to join the T-Systems team? 

Laura: "I was convinced by the open and authentic nature of the team - they applied to me. And then they gave me a great welcome."

What do you particularly like about your team or about T-Systems?

Laura: "Helpfulness and openness, sometimes finding unconventional solutions and having fun at work." 

Portrait of Laura Pallasch

Laura Pallasch has been working as a Senior Account Manager at the T-Systems VW Account House for a year.

What do you work on, what excites you and how do you inspire our customers?

Laura: "I identify strategic issues and new business with our customers. I am also a trusted contact person for the customers. At the moment, I'm particularly excited about the transformation of the automotive industry. This gives us as a team the opportunity to place new T-Systems portfolio and develop new solutions together with the customers, keyword electronics development. It's fun to work with people and create synergies together."

Laura's team and Lutz Garschke, who as Magenta Account Director oversees all sales activities, are thrilled that Laura is bringing in new ideas. To fill the position, they were looking for someone who, in addition to the right skills, also brings character and who is facing challenges with an engaged attitude. All in the spirit of "Hire for passion and train for skills".

It was important to the team to support Laura as much as possible when she started and to make her feel welcome, whether through personal profiles to get to know each other, sponsorships or regular meetings in the office. That's team spirit at your fingertips. Her colleagues, in turn, feel inspired by Laura. The team questions old ways of doing things and develops new ideas, for example in communicating with customers. Lutz summarizes why feel-good culture and personal development are so important in the VW team:  

Laura Pallasch talking to Lutz Garschke

Senior Account Manager Laura Pallasch with Magenta Account Director Lutz Garschke.

What is your feel-good recipe for a growing team?

Lutz: "I focus on two things: First, I encourage the team to remain curious, to learn, and to develop in a self-determined way in an international context. The freedom is very important for the team; the opportunity to work with international colleagues from China to Argentina. This broadens tolerance and horizons. On the other hand, the way we deal with each other makes the difference. Friendliness and reliability are the criteria for success: with customers and, of course, within the team. I call this the 'big-hug strategy'. You have to be mindful of people and their needs. And we consciously live this strategy within the team and at T-Systems."

Joining T-Systems
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