Diana Schnetgöke


The importance of soft skills in the modern working world

In an environment of rapid technological progress and global connectivity, we at Deutsche Telekom need clear communication, conflict resolution skills, and life-long learning to ensure corporate success and promote a positive working culture.

Deutsche Telekom is among the world’s leading telecommunications companies and reflects the transformation and dynamics of the modern working world. It goes without saying that technical and professional skills are important for success in certain jobs at Deutsche Telekom, but soft skills like communication, team work, and problem-solving are becoming increasingly important for us too. 

 Two people giving each other a high five.

For many of our employees, teamwork is the path to mutual success. © Deutsche Telekom

Communication as a key skill

The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is a clear focus. Communication across different levels and departments, in an agile working environment with a wide variety of roles and stakeholders, both internally and externally, plays a key role – whether in the development and provision of complex IT solutions, or in providing high-quality services. Our employees, who are able to clearly communicate complex, technical issues, don’t simply contribute to smooth project processing – they also promote efficient collaboration with the customers.

Conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, and growth mindset

In a constantly changing and highly competitive environment, conflicts are always a possibility. Handling conflicts constructively and seeing them as opportunities for improvement, growth, and development, plays an important role in maintaining a positive working atmosphere and characterizes our corporate culture. Emotional intelligence is also important in our collaboration with customers, as it enables us to understand their needs and respond appropriately.

Teamwork as a solution to complex problems

The times in which individual geniuses made groundbreaking discoveries in their ivory tower are over. These days, it is often the case that complex problems can only be resolved through teamwork. Soft skills like teamwork and interdisciplinary collaboration beyond your own department are therefore crucial. The ability to work effectively in teams, exchange ideas, and to be open to, accept, and integrate different perspectives not only results in creative solutions, but also strengthens team spirit.

Encouraging skills and further developing them in practice

Our wide-ranging initiatives to promote personal further development and life-long learning demonstrate just how relevant this issue is. Performance development, skill management, and the promotion of a culture of feedback are right at the top of our agenda.

Our development program, which includes TalentHub and LevelUp!, is designed to encourage employees to take on new challenges and extend their professional skills. It’s not just the current status or available resources that count, but above all each individual person’s mindset and individual skills.

Overall, we reiterate the idea that continuous maintenance of soft skills and the ability to develop innovative solutions is crucial. We actively encourage our employees to demonstrate these values and bolster their personal and professional development. 


In the modern working world, soft skills are no longer simply nice-to-have in addition to technical and professional skills, but are absolute key qualifications. Companies, including us at Deutsche Telekom, are looking for employees with social skills that will enable them to work successfully as part of a team. So, whether you are a career starter, an experienced expert, or a leader, it is equally important that you develop and maintain your soft skills to be successful in today’s dynamic and challenging world of work.