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Women@Technik: Achieving goals without coincidence

In our series, we present individual stories about female employees at Telekom Technik GmbH. Susann Agwanjan began her training as an office communications administrator in 2011, subsequently moved to Telekom Service, and today works in the Fiber Factory. With around 13,000 employees, the Fiber Factory is responsible for fiber-optic build-out in Germany.

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Susann's motto is: Do what you love to do!

How did you end up at Telekom Technik?

Susann: A good friend and mentor convinced me to move internally from my former hotline role for field service technicians to Telekom Technik and consequently be even closer to the fiber-optic build-out in Germany. As a non-technician, I rapidly familiarized myself with the production processes, expanded my network, and very quickly began to feel at home in the Fiber Factory. After two and a half years in the cross-functional unit of the western branch, I wanted more and took my next career step: Until March 2024, I was the functional leader of the management support department for the Head of the Fiber Factory and, together with my team of assistants, supported our leading management in fiber-optic build-out. What impressed me the most during this period were the aspects and strategic considerations involved in making decisions for such a large unit.

Where are you working now?

Susann: I returned to our western branch six weeks ago where I am now working as a team leader. I am responsible for a team of around 20 fitters who work in and around Cologne. I waited a long time for my gut feeling to say I was ready for my first solid-line management role and I constantly prepared for it with advanced training courses. And I can already say that it was worth it! My new job involves a wide variety of topics and fulfills me completely. I am very grateful that Deutsche Telekom has supported and strengthened me in so many ways that I am standing here today.

I am proud of my journey to do the job I enjoy today – in an environment where I am appreciated. Susann Agwanjan

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Fiber optics are particularly important for the expansion of networks and digitalization in Germany.

Looking back at your career so far, would you do anything differently?

Susann: Nothing at all. I am and will always be a person that thinks with their head and acts with a gut feeling. All of my decisions have made me the person that I am today – professionally and privately. I often break down decisions into all the details but I ultimately make decisions based on my gut feeling. Every situation gives me at least one insight, even if it means just learning what I “don’t” want. Even moving several times and being in a long-distance relationship was completely worth it: in the end, I discovered a new world for myself far away from home, found a great job, and a new me.

What makes you tick?

Susann: My peers describe me as a very reliable, structure-loving person who leaves nothing to chance when it comes to achieving goals. But they also see me as a colleague with a very strong focus on service and someone who inspires and motivates others with her passion for her work and technology. I am authentic which I believe means that people always know where they stand with me. They can be sure that I communicate openly and honestly. I believe that authenticity creates security and an environment in which people can develop openly and I have found these opportunities at Telekom Technik.

Susann Agwanjan’s story is just one of many that demonstrate the development opportunities that are possible in the company. Do you want to start your career with us? Click here for jobs at Technik. We look forward to meeting you. And you can look forward to the next story about Women@Technik. Stay tuned!☺️